( Must Read For New Affiliates ) Things Every Beginning And Intermediate Affiliate Marketer Should Invest In Now To Make More Money Online


How the heck do I put all the pieces together for my new affiliate marketing business? Where do I start? Should I invest in myself? Click here to learn more!

Some things you can figure out for yourself by just Googling it. After all Google is an awesome invention, having the World at your fingertips is great, you really have to appreciate the true powers of the Internet:) On the other hand Google cannot do everything when it comes to your new affiliate marketing business, unless of course you have 1,000 years to spare, and you play on the cast of the Underworld:) all kidding aside, it is wise to invest into coaching, and a few other must have marketing tools for your business, that can greatly reduce your learning curve when it comes to making money online as an affiliate marketer.

I have been an affiliate marketer for 8 years now and have thousands and thousands of hours invested into my business learning everything from scratch.

Some of my trial @ error online was wise, and at other times it was idiotic not to make a small investment into my business, that can make my business money, and save me a boatload of time in the process.

How to build a blog, how to start an email list, how to drive traffic, which affiliate offers to promote, which niche is profitable, how to use social media, how to use forums properly, the list goes on and on … Affiliate marketing can be information overload at it’s finest if you don’t know what you need to be concentrating on.

I am going to help you newbie affiliates out and let you pick my brain and use my 8 years of affiliate marketing experience to your advantage.

Here is a list of things that you should seriously consider investing in to make your life a lot easier, and your affiliate marketing business a lot more profitable.


Quit Thinking You Know It All And Can Figure Everything Out For Yourself … Let Me Offer You Some Advice You Don’t! Being Stubborn And Cheap Could Cost You Years! ( Recommended Coaching Programs Below My Advice To You Is To Use Them )

 My recommended affiliate marketing training course that packs huge value for the money click here and let James teach you his six figure shortcuts that he has learned throughout the years. Six Figure Shortcuts is for new affiliate marketers who are on a tight budget, or intermediate affiliates who have not made much money online as an affiliate.

P.S. You can see all the reviews of current and past buyers of Six Figure Shortcuts If your still up in the air about it these customer reviews should put your mind at ease. Click here for the Six figure shortcuts customer reviews. James courses also come with a 60 day money back guarantee but you won’t even try to get your money back because you will feel guilty because the content is exceptional.

  Monthly membership course also taught by James Francis that is an extremely wise investment at $47.00 a month. This course should be priced much higher for the value that James brings his students on a monthly basis. Click Here To Check It Out.

  Done For You Commissions – If you have $500 dollars to invest which is not much when that $500 small investment has the power to make you a ton more, if you plan on actually working on building your affiliate marketing business, then this is definitely for you. Done For You Commissions hands everything to you on a silver platter a monetized website, email list, affiliate funnel with your affiliate link embedded in, and a ton more … All you have to do is drive traffic, and the commissions will start coming in. This service is a big time saver and takes the technical boundaries out of the equation when it comes to affiliate marketing so you can just concentrate on what matters making money.

Note: This is a wise service to buy if you can afford it because it is a service brought to you by a super affiliate that makes $250,000 a year online last time I checked:) This is the kind of person I would want building my business in  a way that makes money, without all the stupid time consuming mistakes beginners make when it comes to all the techy stuff of affiliate marketing, and making money online.


The Money Is In The Email List That Is Why You Hear It Time And Time Again If You Have Spent Any Time Researching Affiliate Marketing

This is where the majority of the money that you will make online will come from so once you get the fundamentals of affiliate marketing down it is imperative that you start and build an email list.
  Recommended email marketing provider that I have used for years

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  Funnelkit- This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to building awesome squeeze pages to capture leads from your email marketing efforts. Super easy to use, squeeze pages look awesome, highly flexible, works with all major autoresponders, and the price is cheap which is the best part.


Should You Invest In Webhosting I Highly Recommend It But Not Absolutely Necessary ( My Recommended Webhost )

Having a blog, or website is like having your own Internet real estate it is an asset that you control that can bring business and make you money for years to come so I highly recommend that you start one. Is it mandatory? No, but it is extremely beneficial to your affiliate marketing business.

 I have been with these guys since my blog started over 5 years ago and I have nothing but good things to say about them ( See banner directly below to learn more! )


Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website, Blog, Or Affiliate Marketing Business Is The Lifeblood Of Success Online

Traffic is everything when it comes to making money online the more you have the more you will earn. I am going to leave you some resources on traffic below for your convenience.


  2014 Web Traffic Secret List Exposed As Marketer Spills The Beans And Reveals It All In Stunning Detail

  List Of Useful Sites To Drive More Blog, Or Website Traffic ( Updated For 2014 )



Extra Resources That Will Help You From Me


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Good luck on your affiliate marketing journey it really is the best way to make money on the Internet with very little investment:) where you can make money even while you sleep. Good luck doing that in your 9 to 5 gig:) Do you sense the sarcasm:)

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