2014 Web Traffic Secrets List Exposed Marketer Spills The Beans And Reveals It ALL In Stunning Detail

I was going through my bookmarks and I thought I would share my favorite traffic sources with you guys and girls because if you have an online business web traffic is your lifeblood, and this blog post is going to be your lifeline:)Hot web traffic secrets 2014

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Well let’s get started:)

List Of My 5 Personal Favorite Secret Web Traffic Sources For 2014 That Send Me The Most Web Traffic:)

  Warriorforum – This high traffic internet marketing forum is a powerhouse for all marketers big and small with a ton of web traffic on a daily basis and a wealth of knowledge being posted on a daily basis makes this forum a must for 2014 if you need some extra web traffic.

* Warriorforum has an Alexa traffic rank of 192 in the World and 129 in the U.S.A. in terms of web traffic meaning there are only 191 websites in the World that get more web traffic than the Warriorforum and only 128 of them are in the U.S.A.

  Rebelmouse – This website is a huge producer time and time again whenever I check my website analytics rebelmouse consistently brings me some of the best web traffic.

* P.S. Rebelmouse ranks very highly on the search engines Google just loves this site and so do I:)

  Betternetworker – I really like this site it is a paid membership at $20 a month but it is very well worth it because you can post unlimited video’s, forum posts, blog posts, upload a podcast, start a group, post a classified ad, and you also get to have your own email opt in form on each piece of content that you publish so you can build your email list as an added bonus.

* Tip: Google loves Betternetworker and gives anything that you post a lot of search engine love.

Youtube – Everyone has heard of Youtube and it is a monster in terms of traffic generation being actually the second largest search engine in the World. What Youtube is a search engine? LOL not quite but visitors use it as such and it actually has more searches per month than Bing and Yahoo combined. How is that for a great web traffic source:) Submit some free Youtube video’s promoting your business, and watch the leads pour in, just remember to do your keyword research.

  Pinterest – This is one of my favorite social networking type sites where you can pin anything you want from the Internet or submit your own photos etc… Pinterest is one of the top 25 websites in the World in terms of popularity, and web traffic. Pinterest Tip: Create a board related to your company or website and submit your latest pictures and blog posts related to your business for some great free web traffic.


Ping Your Site For Quicker Blog Indexing

  Pingmyurl – This is a free tool to get your blog posts and anything else you want to get quickly indexed by Google so your posts show up in the search engines faster.


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