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"List Of 80 Of The Most Amazing Traffic Sources"

"List Of 80 Of The Most Amazing Web Traffic Sources Paid And Free Are Finally Revealed In 2018" 

Huge list shows you where you should be looking for laser targeted web traffic in 2018 and well into the future. Tell Me Your Favorite Email To Send It Directly Below.
Huge list shows you where you should be looking for laser targeted web traffic in 2016 and well into the future.
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I was going through my bookmarks and I thought I would share my favorite traffic sources with you guys and girls because if you have an online business web traffic is your lifeblood, and this blog post is going to be your lifeline:)Hot web traffic secrets 2014

Please be sure to share this blog post it took me a long time to put together.

Well let’s get started:)

List Of My 5 Personal Favorite Secret Web Traffic Sources For 2014 That Send Me The Most Web Traffic:)

  Warriorforum – This high traffic internet marketing forum is a powerhouse for all marketers big and small with a ton of web traffic on a daily basis and a wealth of knowledge being posted on a daily basis makes this forum a must for 2014 if you need some extra web traffic.

* Warriorforum has an Alexa traffic rank of 192 in the World and 129 in the U.S.A. in terms of web traffic meaning there are only 191 websites in the World that get more web traffic than the Warriorforum and only 128 of them are in the U.S.A.

  Rebelmouse – This website is a huge producer time and time again whenever I check my website analytics rebelmouse consistently brings me some of the best web traffic.

* P.S. Rebelmouse ranks very highly on the search engines Google just loves this site and so do I:)

  Betternetworker – I really like this site it is a paid membership at $20 a month but it is very well worth it because you can post unlimited video’s, forum posts, blog posts, upload a podcast, start a group, post a classified ad, and you also get to have your own email opt in form on each piece of content that you publish so you can build your email list as an added bonus.

* Tip: Google loves Betternetworker and gives anything that you post a lot of search engine love.

Youtube – Everyone has heard of Youtube and it is a monster in terms of traffic generation being actually the second largest search engine in the World. What Youtube is a search engine? LOL not quite but visitors use it as such and it actually has more searches per month than Bing and Yahoo combined. How is that for a great web traffic source:) Submit some free Youtube video’s promoting your business, and watch the leads pour in, just remember to do your keyword research.

  Pinterest – This is one of my favorite social networking type sites where you can pin anything you want from the Internet or submit your own photos etc… Pinterest is one of the top 25 websites in the World in terms of popularity, and web traffic. Pinterest Tip: Create a board related to your company or website and submit your latest pictures and blog posts related to your business for some great free web traffic.


List Of The Top 15 Video Sharing Sites To Increase Your Web Traffic I Found Very Useful – Awesome list of video submission sites in addition to Youtube that have a ton of traffic that you can go through and submit your videos for some nice extra traffic.


Ping Your Site For Quicker Blog Indexing

  Pingmyurl – This is a free tool to get your blog posts and anything else you want to get quickly indexed by Google so your posts show up in the search engines faster.


Learn Something New In 2014

  Coursera – This is just a cool site that has nothing to do with web traffic but you can take free classes from over 80 major universities and improve your education 100% free.


My Top Affiliate Networks Where You Can Sign Up Free And Make Money

  Clickbank – This affiliate program is huge and has paid out billions of dollars to affiliates Worldwide since 1997 and has tens of thousands of digital products in various niches that you can promote as an affiliate marketer and earn up to a 75% affiliate commission.

  Amazon – Need I say more:) Amazon is huge and chances are you have ordered something through Amazon yourself but did you know that you can sign up as an affiliate and earn money promoting the Amazon products of your choice. P.S. Just make sure that you can promote Amazon products in your state if you live in the U.S.A. chances are you will be fine but a few U.S. states due to tax laws are banned from promoting Amazon products do to that states laws regarding Internet sales taxes.

  Rapbank – This is a nice little affiliate program where you can promote digital products and earn instant commissions into your Paypal account. P.S. Make sure you sign up for a free Paypal business account so you can earn instant affiliate commissions.

  Jvzoo – This is another very popular affiliate network where you can earn some good money promoting some of the top selling internet marketing products on the Internet. You will need a Paypal business account to promote Jvzoo products as well so be sure to get one set up it is free:)

  Maxbounty – This is another great affiliate program that is actually a C.P.A. network which means cost per action where you get paid by recommending a product of your choice on the network and you earn a commission by a visitor performing a certain action like filling out an email form, freebie offer, etc… They all differ it depends on which product or service that you choose to promote and what they require before you commission is paid. ( You must apply to this network and get accepted before you can promote their products. )

  Peerfly – Peerfly is another great C.P.A affiliate program where you can sign up and earn money promoting the various hot offers on their network. ( You must apply to this network and get accepted before you can promote their products. )

  Commissionjunction – This affiliate network is huge and it has a ton of fortune 500 companies that are looking for affiliates like you to promote their products in exchange for paying you a nice commission.


Get Paid By Browsing Sponsor Ads And Huge Traffic Source To Boot:)

  Neobux – This site has a ton of web traffic try signing up for a free account and posting in the forum this site is ranked #58 in the World according to Alexa so this is a huge, huge, web traffic source.


List Of High Traffic Internet Marketing Forums

Emoneyspace – This is a place where you can talk about internet marketing related topics. This site has a very good Alexa rank of 6,006 in the World so it has a nice amount of traffic.

  Warriorforum – I talked about this forum earlier in this post. The Warriorforum is the undisputed king of anything related to internet marketing – make money online related subjects.

  Blackhatforum – Very high Alexa rank related to internet marketing – make money online topics and everything in between. – Same topics as the forum above internet marketing, make money online, and seo related subjects. This forum also has a a very good Alexa rank and high traffic levels.

Blackhatunderground –   Seo, online marketing, traffic generation topics.

  Bestblackhatforum – Same as the other blackhat forums all topics related to seo, internet marketing, and various ways to make money online. –  Cool seo, internet marketing, make money online forum.


Top Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

  Google Adwords – If you have the budget running a Google ad is still the best pay per click platform on the Internet, but it is also expensive. Tip: Make sure you do your keyword research and target buying keywords by doing the math, so you have the best chance of coming out profitable with your campaigns, and do not lose the shirt off your back.

  Bing – Yahoo PPC – Very high return on investment especially with Bing because they generally appeal to an upper middle class affluent crowd that has money to spend, just beware your ads will run a lot longer because the overall traffic levels are a lot lower than Google, but they may be even more profitable because the cost per click is usually much lower.

  7search – I like 7search athough it does not convert nearly as well as the above two it is much,much, cheaper to place a P.P.C ad. 7search is a great way for someone new to P.P.C. who does not want to spend a fortune by testing out a few ads and see which one is the most profitable before moving onto the big boys in P.P.C. traffic Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Tip: 7search only requires a minimum of $25 dollars to run an ad on their network. Tip: I have made sales off of 7search just do your keyword research and target buying keywords with a low cost per click, and a high number of searches, and you should come out ahead, or at worst break even.


Top 30 Classified Sites Where You Are Not Wasting Your Time Posting Classifieds

  I am not gonna post each classified individually I am just going to give you a helpful link where you can check out the top rated classified sites on the Internet where you can post ads for extra web traffic.

Click Here For The List Of The Top Classified Sites


17 Untapped Backlink Sources

  This is a very good post I found on the Internet going over 17 various backlink sources that I bookmarked.

Click Here For The 17 Backlink Sources


Hot Complete Internet Marketing Resource Guide For 2014 Find Everything Here Like Traffic, Tools, And Many More Resources Every Internet Marketer Needs

  Click Here For The Complete IM Resource Guide


Cool Sites To Buy Or Sell Gigs

  Fiverr – Buy or sell anything for $5 I like to use this site periodically to buy services for backlinks buiding, or traffic related gigs. Tip: This site has huge traffic being one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

Seoclerks – This site has some great traffic levels and I like the fact that you can bump the gigs that you post to the sites high traffic homepage by sharing your gig on Twitter, Googleplus, etc.. Once a day. This site is also great for people who are looking to offer their services because you can charge up to a hundred bucks as soon as you sign up and work your way up to even more expensive services. If posting on Fiverr to earn a measly $5 bucks is not enough for you then seoclerks should be just what the good DR. ordered:)


Are You Scooping Your Blog Posts For Extra Traffic?

  Scoopit – With an Alexa rank of #621 in the World scoopit is a traffic heaven just be sure to create a board on scoopit and share all your blog posts, products, etc… For some great free traffic to your blog, website, affiliate offers, etc…


Are You Sharing Your Blog Posts On Hacker News?

  Hackernews – This is a nice little spot to share your blog posts that only takes a few seconds and the site has a good Alexa rank of 4,675 in the World so it’s a nice little sharing site to share your favorite links for some extra traffic.


Have You Heard Of The 101 Ways To Drive Blog Traffic? – This was a very nice blog post that I bookmarked about 101 various ways to drive more web traffic it is a good post you should check it out.


How About The Top 27 Web Traffic Sources? – Another great post on the 27 best web traffic sources that I bookmarked that is definitely worth checking out.


Guest Post Or Find Someone To Guest Post On Your Blog

  Guest blogging – why not guest blog on some popular blogs in your niche and gain a ton of free traffic in the process. Tip Guest Blogging In 2014: Do not use any shady seo tactics Google is all over this nowadays a simple link to your website, blog, or squeeze page is all you need for tons of free traffic and no Google penalties. When it comes to guest blogging for traffic just play by the new rules and you will be fine:) If someone plans to guest post on your blog just make sure you set the links as no follow and they are not linking to any shady sites with their guest posts.


My Favorite High Traffic Internet Marketing Blogs – This is a very good internet marketing blog where Zac teaches you various ways to make money online. – John chow teaches you various ways to make money blogging through internet marketing, affiliate marketing, web traffic generation tips, and everything in between.

  Imwealthbuilders – Cindy Battye and her team at the Internet wealth builders put out some great products and they have a super high traffic blog to boot so stop in and check them out:) – This is my blog where I have posts on various ways to make money online, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, social marketing, seo, product reviews and everything in between and my Alexa rank is not too bad either so stop in and learn a thing or two:) – This is a cool blog from someone who generates 7 figures per month on the Internet from the various strategies he has built up over the years to be successful. Definitely worth it to check out this guys blog. – This is the blog of super affiliate Rosalind Gardner who was best known for her huge success the affiliate marketing handbook that sold a ton of copies and her blog is a wealth of good information so stop in and check it out.


Make Money Blogging As A Publisher Advertisers Will Pay You To Blog

Linkvehicle – Make money writing blog posts for over 3,000 clients. Linkvehicle is a great traffic source with an Alexa rank under 10,000 in the World and a great way to make some extra money if you enjoy getting paid to blog.


Submit To The MOZ Community – This is a very high traffic website with an Alexa traffic rank of #268 in the World so it is a good place to get a nice free backlink by creating a profile and try commenting on some blogs in their community and see what other tricks you can come up with to get some traffic from this high traffic web community.

*** This site started out as seomoz and expanded due to it’s growing community to serve a broad set of needs in the internet marketing community ***


Tell People About Your Business On Eventbrite

  Eventbrite – Have an event that you want to tell the World about? Want to tell the World about your new blog or website? Want to offer promotional coupons for your business? Want to tell people about an event that your company is promoting? You can do this all with Eventbrite in 3 easy steps this is a great resource for some free web traffic.


Have An Ebook Or Document That You Want To Promote To The World?

Slideshare – This is a very popular document sharing site that has huge traffic levels where you can submit a free document in P.D.F format for a ton of free web traffic.

Scribd – This is another very popular document sharing site where you can submit your P.D.F documents for free and gain a heap of traffic in the process. – Share your ebook with the World on this site and it only takes a few minutes to do so. – One of the most popular places on the Internet to read or submit a free ebook for a ton of free traffic to whatever it is that you are promoting.

  Authormarketingclub – Another good place to submit your ebooks they also have a free Kindle book web submission tool which is pretty cool. – This is another nice site that continually generates me a lot of traffic for the various ebooks that I have submitted on Zinepal.


Learn All About Internet Marketing From The Pro’s At Website Magazine

Websitemagazine – I have a magazine subscription to this site as well because they keep you updated on the newest trends for webmasters in the internet marketing field where you can view there magazines in print as well as online. This site is also a good source of traffic so try commenting on a few of their blog posts and find out.


Have You Tried Out Flippa The King Of Buying And Selling Websites For Traffic?

  Flippa – Flippa is the most well known place on the Internet for buying and selling websites and domain names but did you know that they a free classified section where you can promote your product or service for only $5 bucks? Well they do so stop in and check them out for some extra traffic.


My Favorite Social Network Sites For Traffic

  Twitter – Tweet all your blog posts and everything in between for more web traffic.

  Linkedin – This is the biggest site on the Internet for entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the World as well as a goldmine for free traffic.

  Googleplus – This is Google’s social networking community so you know everything ranks well and it has a ton of traffic.

  Pinterest – Pin your way to profits with this traffic powerhouse.

  Tumblr – This social networking site is super popular so be sure to share all your blog posts, affiliate links, products, or services via Tumblr.

  Facebook – Facebook pages are exploding more and more as Google is not the only game in town to get free traffic anymore. P.S. Facebook has recently launched a deal with Bing to show ads on the Facebook platform stay tuned for further updates. With over a Billion users Wordlwide Facebook is a monster in terms of generating web traffic if you learn to use its powers effectively.


22 Free PLR Ebooks Super High Quality That Will Show You A Ton About Traffic Generation And Everything In Between

  Pick Them Up By Clicking Here Super High Quality Books!


Learn Search Engine Optimization And Optimize Your Blog, Or Website For Tons Of Free Search Engine Traffic

Seozen – Seo is optimizing your content for the search engines by building high quality backlinks, doing your keyword research, and adding plenty of high quality shareable content on your blog, or website for maximum seo benefit. Seo can be very time consuming, but it can also be very profitable, and a great source of free targeted web traffic when done correctly. This speeds up the seo process considerably. Click here to check out my seo recommendation.


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