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Facebook Marketing: 7 Top Ideas to Help You Become an Expert Facebook Marketer

Overview of the Facebook Marketing

Have you met a single guy who does not have a clue about what the Facebook is? I guess you have not met that person yet. It’s because the most of the people around the world with access to the internet use the Facebook.

The statistic shows that the no. of active users on the Facebook is nearly 2 billion, and another statistic shows that roughly 8 in 9 Americans use the Facebook. These statistics must have given you a hint of how powerful the Facebook is.

The Facebook is by far the most used social media platform in the world, and it has maintained the top position for a long period. This platform is also the best social media platform for social media marketers for doing some social media outreach.

Despite the fact that most of the people all around the world use the Facebook, it’s not an easy job to get a good return from your marketing campaign. There are many success stories while there are also many cases where the marketers have not got a good return from their campaigns.

In this article, we will take a look at 7 top ideas that can help you to become one of the successful Facebook marketers.

Ideas that can enhance your Facebook Marketing Skills

Getting success in the Facebook marketing is not just about creating a page and posting stuff about your business. It takes a lot more to develop an authoritative page that the people would love to follow. And, it takes, even more, to get a conversion via your Facebook Page.

It’s a challenging task, but it’s not an impossible task. Like many marketers out there, you too can get a good return on investment from your social media marketing campaign.

  1. Bring Facebook to your website

Bringing the Facebook plugins on your website can do a whole lot of good to your business. This will increase the no. of likes on your Facebook page, on your web posts, and the greater no. of Facebook likes also have a positive impact on the search rankings.

It’s not a difficult and time-consuming task to add Facebook plugins on your website. All you have to do is add a simple code to your website, and that’s it.

  1. Start practicing shooting videos

There are only a few videos being promoted on the Facebook in comparison to other types of posts, but the videos on the Facebook tends to get more engagement. With the increasing craze of videos, you too can start practicing shooting videos to get a higher reach and engagement.

There is no need for you to be a professional videographer to record a good video. All you need is a good smartphone, some good lightning, and some other supporting stuff to get started. The Facebook has introduced the feature of live video, which can further improve your chance of getting more engagement.

  1. Upload your email list

If you have done a hard work, collecting a sizable email list, then here is good news for you. The Facebook allows you to upload the list, which enables you to target your advertisement to every single one of them.

This feature allows you to send specific messages to your potential customers who have shown interest in your business. Furthermore, the posts targeted to these people are likely to have a better engagement because they have already shown interest in your business in the past.

  1. Turn your Facebook page into a community of the like-minded people

The people who have liked your page in your past wants to frequently engage with your page. Your job as a page admin is not finished just after you get no. Of likes on your page. In addition to increasing your likes, you should also think of ways to consistently engage your followers.

More engagement on your page means a better edge rank. You should think of the posts that can create more interaction among your followers.

Encourage your followers to share something interesting on your wall, ask them for a suggestion and opinions, share some interesting facts to share them on their wall, and more to turn your page into a community of the like-minded people.

  1. Use Facebook Advertising

The Facebook Ad is one of the best ways to enhance your reach to your potential customers, and the good thing is that it’s very cheap as well. You can target your audiences in various ways on the basis of interests, age-group, gender, and more.

  1. Be responsive to your messages

According to the study, a poor social media customer service can cost you around 15% of the revenue. This is the power of the social media platforms. The Facebook is now calculating the response time of each page.

This allows your page visitors to judge how responsive your page or brand is. Try to be as responsive as possible, as it could provide you the chance of getting a conversion.

  1. Add call to action

The Facebook allows the page admin to add a call-to-action button on the bottom right hand of your cover page. It’s a great way to connect your followers to your website and it also helps you to get some extra traffic on your site.


To achieve success in any field, you need a lot of patience and determination. The lack of patience and determination are the two major causes why many people quit their journey far too early. Applying these Facebook ideas can help you to significantly increase your return.

The study shows that around 76% of the people use their feed to find out about interesting content, and it shows that you can be the source of interesting content for the people if you work on your Facebook marketing skills.

Keep on posting interesting pieces of content on your Facebook Page, increase your followers and engagement, and then focus on conversion now and then.

Author Bio

Stevan Mcgrath is a digital marketing professional who possesses expertise in brand design and development. Stevan is passionate about utilizing his diverse skill sets for new and innovative online marketing strategies. He has worked as a freelancer and a contributor to Provenseo. Despite having a wide influential reach, he seeks client satisfaction as his topmost priority. He also writes blog posts on recent digital marketing trends. To know his work and more details you can follow him on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ .

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