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What Are The 5 Hottest Marketing Trends Of 2013Whats hot in marketing in 2013

You have seen that online marketing in 2012 was about focusing on the social media sites, Google SEO, and developing content for the mobile. With 2012 setting such a benchmark for online marketing, you may be wondering about the latest trends that you need to follow in 2013 for a successful online marketing strategy. Here are five of the top trends in online marketing for 2013.

1. Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing helps you use the power of social media to develop your customer base. If you choose to use this marketing trend, you will have to spend money on developing your content, images and videos that will help you get customers from social media sites without having to pay for it.

If you are not tech savvy and do not know how to go abound on a social media site, you can get help from an inbound marketing agency. This agency will help you set up profiles on these websites and help you devise strategies for effective marketing.

2. Mobile Marketing

The mobile is no longer restricted to only making calls and texting. Now you can access the Internet on your mobile and this makes it a powerful tool for online marketing. Set up mobile friendly websites for your products and services so that the customers who are accessing the social media websites from their phone can access your product websites as well.

3. Marketing Focused On Loyal Customers

It is easier to keep your old customer than getting new customers for your products. If you want to develop your customer base, the best way to go about it is to make your current customers feel special. Give them loyalty discounts and offers and make them feel satisfied and looked-after. If you have loyal customers for your product, they will surely recommend your brand to others, who will readily purchase your product and services.

4. Focus On Local Marketing

Google search engine allows local customers find out local service providers. If you can afford to spend a little amount, you can be on Google’s list where you will feature on local listings when a local customer searches for something locally. This way you can use your local market completely. You can also use social media to connect to locally situated customers and sell your products to them.

5. Gamification Strategies

This technique uses rewards and points to help you get and keep customers. Customers get points for actions like sharing the website, checking in or uploading photos and videos of your products and services.  Customers can redeem these points for discounts and rewards. If you spend a little more resource on your design team then you can heavily benefit from this marketing trend.

These trends are expected to be huge in 2013. So, if you start developing your online marketing strategies based on these then you can really benefit. These may look expensive but most of them are quite affordable.

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 Posted on : January 8, 2013 - Last updated on Jan 8, 2013

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  • Vimal Patel

    Hi jasonorban, as i think today internet marketing has become tool for doing business and as compare to traditional marketing, internent marketing has many benefits. from my perspective, major two advantages are it is cost effective and audience specific. By the way i am professional web developer but sometime dealing with internet marketing so i think this article will help me lot. Thanks for such a great information.

  • KeithRobinson

    You caught me with mobile marketing. I have always been ignoring my mobile phone since I have always been busy doing business on my computer. It is a good thing that I have read your article for it will provide a chance for me to utilize my phone for the same purpose.

  • Howie Perks

    Mobile marketing is def ones of the top ones that you listed. Everything is going mobile so getting in front of that hot market is a sure winner!