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V2 Cigs - electronic cigarettes - avoid ecig scams!

V2 Review Is It The Best Ecigarette On The Market?

My V2 ecigarette ultimate pack arrived 1 week ago today, so I decided to write a review on a product that can really change people’s lives for the better.

This blog is normally about internet marketing, and making money online. But I am going to step out of my realm for this one post because I know a lot of people in general need to stop smoking, or switch over to the much healthier ecigarettes, not just internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

First off, about me: I have never done any drugs, definitely not a big drinker. I also take care of myself by going to the gym 3 – 4 times a week.

So what is my unhealthy weakness? Cigarettes have always kicked my butt, and have been a very hard habit for me to break throughout the years. I have tried quitting numerous times with little to moderate success. I have done well on a few occasions but I have always gone back to them in one way or another. 🙁

I have tried everything from patches, nicotine gum, then I tried Chantix which does work if you can deal with the nightmares, and in some cases the depression that go along with using Chantix consistently.

Then I ventured into the ecigarette World trying the different brands out there from Blue, Elitensmoke, Greensmoke, to the various disposables that you can purchase at your local gas station etc….

Even though the Ecigarettes mentioned above did work to a degree, they did not give me the actual hit of a real cigarette, that I knew I needed to fully kick the habit.

Did I cut down? Yes, but I was still smoking more than I should of been.

I knew I had to find the Cadillac of Ecigarettes to really kick my bad habit once and for all. There were a few things I was looking for in a quality ecigarette.

3 Things I Was Looking For In An Ecigarette

Vapor production must be excellent!

Good prices on refill cartridges, supplies, etc….

I also wanted that throat hit you get when smoking a real cigarette. The various other ecigarettes that I had tried previously seemed to lack consistency in that department.

V2 Cigs - electronic cigarettes - avoid ecig scams!

My Ecigarette Search Begins With Google

I pulled up the Google search bar and started searching for various ecigarette reviews to see what company made the best ecigarette out there, that money could buy, and a quality ecigarette that had to meet my high expectations.

After searching for literally hours through the various online forums, one thing stayed consistent. I was reading an awful lot of good reviews on the V2 brand from the various ecigarette review forums out there.

What Features Stood Out To Me Based On Prior Reviews From Current V2 customers

Pretty much all the reviews I had read while researching ecigarettes stated that V2 customers that were using the product all said the throat hits they were getting was pretty much as good as a real cigarette. Lot of vapor, good hit etc…

The prices were competitive

Most reviews that I had read said to go with the manual V2 because you get more of a hit from the manuals, as opposed to the automatic ecigarettes.

V2 had quite a few flavor options there are ten in all which is cool Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Cherry, Peppermint, Congress, Reds, Mint Tea, Menthol, and Sahara.

V2 cartridges have different nicotine levels from zero nicotine to full flavor 16 mg strengths depending on your needs.


Arrival Time After I Placed My Order For The V2 Ecigarette

I was a tad concerned about how long it would take to arrive from Florida to Illinois after seeing a few reviews from customers saying the shipping time was longer than it should of been.

This was the only slightly negative review I had seen about V2 was the periodical shipping delays. Other than that all the customers seemed to love the product itself very well, I also read quite a few customer testimonials from V2 users who had quite smoking all together and just use the ecigs.

Back to shipping I ordered the V2 ecigarette at 2am on a Monday morning over the Internet. I ordered the 3 day UPS shipping option and I received a few emails from V2 stating that my product was shipped Tuesday morning, my package was at my door by Noon central standard time in the U.S.A.

Good job V2 and UPS exactly 3 days after my product was shipped it arrived!


Good Job My Ecigarettes Arrived On Time, Now Lets See If They Really Work!

When my package had arrived I was impressed with the packaging it looked very well put together, like you were actually getting your money’s worth which is always a good first impression.


Contents Of My Ultimate V2 Starter Kit

3 2 v batteries. Note: I chose the manual batteries the ones with the buttons they work better than the auto batteries. I also chose all my batteries in silver because I think they look classy 🙂 but that is just my personal opinion, I liked blue as well.

25 Flavor cartridges of my choice. They come in packs of five I chose 4 packs of the red flavor and 1 pack of the coffee flavor I was intrigued to see if they really tasted like coffee lol.

Wall adaptor better known as your standard charger. I really like the way the charger works it just looks classy it glows red when charging, and when it is fully charged it glows blue. Just a cool design, you will see what I am talking about when you pick your starter kit up.

1 USB charger

1 car carger

1 portable charging case. I chose silver once again.

1 power ecigarette that hooks up to your laptop, or desktop. This works really well awesome vapor using this one!

1 Metal carrying case.

1 V2 instruction manual

I also ordered the variety pack that had 1 cartridge of every different flavor that V2 carried so I know what to order when I am stocking up on cartridges again.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Over A Million Smokers Have Switched to V2 Cigs!


My Results After 1 Week Of Vaporing Using The V2 Ecigarettes

I absolutely love these ecigarettes! I have finally found something that works, and works well!

What I like most about the V2 ecigarettes is I am actually getting a real hit, with a lot of vapor, that is similar to smoking a full flavored Marlboro Red, or Newport.

I have only smoked 1 real cigarette since using my V2 ecigarette this week because it was my last one left in my last pack. I am not buying anymore real cigarettes from here on out, I am not really craving one to tell you the truth. The V2 is really doing it’s job quite well.

When I want a cigarette I just pull out my V2 and smoke that instead!


Final Review Of The V2 EcigaretteV2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Starter Kits

5 stars from me, heavy throat hits comparable to a real cigarette, tons of cool flavors to choose from, and the best part is it is actually doing what it is supposed to do by helping me finally quit smoking!

I have already recommended V2 to quite a few of my friends, and family because it is working so well for me!

Let me here your reviews below how is V2 working for you?

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