List 15 Traffic Strategies To Increase Blog, Website, Visitors And Traffic For 2012?

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increase website traffic 2012
Get in the fast lane with your website traffic by reading my list of ways to drive targeted website traffic for 2012!

Blog traffic = money. If you are not driving targeted traffic to your blog, website, or affiliate offers consistently your online earnings will suffer drastically.

Or worse yet you will not make any money at all.

No fun right?

So what strategies can we implement as online business owners to make sure this does not happen?

How do I as a blogger, entrepreneur, internet and affiliate marketer drive free targeted traffic to my blogs, websites, and affiliate offers so I can fill my pockets with cold hard cash?

Traffic = money online plain and simple! Without a decent amount of traffic coming in steadily you do not have an online business plain and simple.

The advantages of  driving a lot of traffic to your blog are obvious.

1. You can build a big profitable email list.

2. Make more money promoting your affiliate offers.

3. Sell your own products, or services on your blog or website.

4. If your blog, or website drives a lot of traffic you can even sell advertisers space on your site for an extra source of income.

List 15 Strategies To Drive Targeted Free Traffic To Your Blog, Or Website For 2012 And Way Beyond?

1. Optimize Your Blog’s Content For The Search Engines To Increase Traffic

Search engine optimization is the best form of free traffic available on the Internet by far ( Do not let anyone tell you any differently ). I have been an internet marketer for 6 years now and I have put thousands of hours into my online business. So I know from experience what is the best kind of traffic? And what kind of traffic is a waste of time.

Seo is the best kind of traffic your blog, or website can receive period!

Why? People are actively searching the major search engines for what your blog has to potentially offer. Learn seo and your blog can be receiving a ton of free traffic on autopilot for years to come.

Did I mention your blog can make a lot of money if you post 100% unique content on your blog, build high quality backlinks, and optimize your blogs content for the search engines?

Do not ignore seo if you have a blog, or a website. If you do you are missing out on a lot of laser targeted free traffic that can make your online business a lot of money now, and in the years to come.

Here are some helpful resources to teach you seo

2. Do Your Keyword Research To Drive More Targeted Search Engine Traffic

I use a free tool called the Google adwords keyword research tool to look for highly searched phrases with low competition.

Traffic Tip: Look for buying keyword phrases for the title of your blog posts that you can rank on  the first pages of Google for. This is why learning search engine optimization is so crucial  for your online businesses success.

Traffic Tip: If your blog, or website is new you obviously do not want to go after keyword phrases that you have no chance of ranking for. Be realistic and go after keyword phrases where you stand a good chance of beating out the competition.

Tip: If your unsure if you can beat out the competition for the keyword phrase that you are going after copy the url of the website that is page “1” on Google for the keyword phrase that you are going after. Your next step is to head on over to a website called Alexa they rank websites traffic Worldwide. Paste that URL into the alexa search bar and see how much traffic, and backlinks that website has?

Do they have hundreds and you only have a dozen or so? If that is the case look for a new keyword to go after. If your blog, or website has a comparable amount of backlinks then go after that keyword phrase for more targeted traffic to your blog, or website.

3.  Only Post 100% Unique Quality Content On Your Blog That Offers High Value

I write 99% of the blog posts on my blog. Sure it is a lot of work ( But well worth it ) but I only update it a few times a week so the work load is not too hectic. You only want to post 100% unique content because if you copy content from somewhere else on the Internet Google or the other search engines will not index your blog posts rendering them virtually useless.

( Plus it is very unethical to steal other people’s hard work and claim it as your own )

Write and publish quality blog posts that people will like so much that they will even share them for you. This will give you even more free backlinks pointing at your blog, or website for higher seo rankings – and an increase in your websites traffic.

4.  Make Your Blog Look Professional And Not Like A Kindergartner Put It Together

This should come without saying if your blog looks bad 9 times out of 10 the people visiting your blog via search engines, forums, backlinks, etc.. Will more than likely leave without giving your blog a second thought.

I know not everyone can put together a decent looking blog that comes with practice. But if you have to hire someone to do it for you, or at least get you started and show you how to go from there.

Just do the best that you can to at least make sure it looks decent! If you have a question just Google it. You can find the answer to pretty much anything just by searching the Internet.

The appearance of your blog will not directly drive more traffic but it will indirectly.

People will be more prone to share your content, recommend a friend to check it out, and like I said people will also link to you.

5. Post In Forums Related To Your Blog, or Website’s Niche

Participating in internet marketing forums or forums directly related to your blog, or website can really drive a lot of targeted traffic to your blog, website, or affiliate offers.

Be sure to make a signature link that points back to your website, or blog for extra traffic the more active you are in the forums community the more potential targeted traffic you can bring to your blog, or website.

A few recommended forums:





6. Comment On High Traffic Blogs

You would literally be amazed if you actually take the time to leave a relevant comment and not spam on a blog that receives a lot of traffic, and ranks high in the search engines.

If possible comment on blogs that are related to your website or blogs niche this will drive people who may actually be interested in buying what you have to offer, and it will also build some nice backlinks to your site which will increase your seo and your rankings in the search engines.

Back to my favorite internet marketing saying he or she with the most backlinks usually wins the seo war.

Rank higher in the search engines, drive targeted traffic to your blog, and earn more money online. These are all the powers of leaving well thought out relevant comments on popular blogs.


7. Find Out The Powers Of Web 2.0 Sites To Drive Targeted Visitors To Your Blog

web 2.0 sites still produce some pretty good results and they should definitely be a part of your overall internet marketing strategy. They rank well in the search engines. This means anything that you publish will have decent rankings in the search engines.

Posting on web 2.0 sites comes in real handy when you have a new blog, or website so you can make sales a little easier until your blog builds up it’s rank in the search engines.

The worst case scenario they are good backlinks to have to boost your blog, or websites seo rankings.

Few web 2.0 sites 


8. Submit Press Releases To Get The Word Out About Your Blog, Or Website.

You would be amazed by the results that you can get by submitting free press releases announcing your new blog, or website.

Press release traffic tip: Make sure you apply good seo practices when submitting free press releases use a highly searched keyword phrase with low competition.

Recommended Press Release Website:


9.  Submit Youtube Video’s To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog, Or Website

Ditch article marketing that is so 2009, and 2010. Article marketing in my opinion really ended after the Google panda update which penalized sites severely for basically being content farms.

A lot of article marketing sites took a huge hit when Google panda came to town.  Article marketing sites have recovered a bit but they will never be the same.

Enter video marketing the traffic strategy for 2012 and beyond that replaces article marketing.

Video marketing sites such as Youtube are a great way for you to grab some free targeted traffic to your website, or blog.

Did you know? Youtube is actually the second biggest search engine in the World and it is not even a search engine? You heard that right people are actually using the search function on Youtube as if it was Google.

You probably do it too when searching for a video yourself right?

Can you see the potential of submitting video’s to video sharing sites like Youtube and Metcafe for some free targeted traffic?

Video marketing is a great strategy overall for 2012 and well beyond. People love watching video’s plain and simple!

Traffic Tip For Video Marketing: I like to use a product called ashampoo it is a screen recording software only $10 bucks. You can record how to video’s without actually being seen. I know a lot of people are camera shy lol. You can record your voice and give how to type tutorials and submit them to Youtube to increase your blog, or websites traffic.


10. Use The Powers Of Social Networking Sites To Increase Your Blogs Traffic

We all have a Facebook account who doesn’t lol? My grandma and more than likely your grandma probably does also. That is the power of Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, Myspace, Hi5, Orkut, Myyearbook, and the others that are out there.

Hell, they made a movie about Facebook everyone is on it in one way or another.

Take advantage of the various social networking sites that are out there to get the word out about your new website, or blog for some great free targeted traffic.

1. Start a Facebook fanpage

2. Start a Twitter account and follow people in your niche

Add friends and post regular updates about your blog, or website on a semi consistent basis for more visitors to your website.


11. Social Bookmarking And Blogging Traffic Strategies

After you publish a new blog post make sure you bookmark your blog posts to the top social bookmarking and networking sites on the Internet.

Examples: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, orkut, digg, reddit, linkedin, stumbleupon, blogger, and Tumblr for starters.

There are a lot of widgets if your running a self hosted WordPress blog to help you with this. I use a widget called shareaholic to share all my blog posts.

Sharing your blog posts is vital to drive more traffic to your blog, or website.

Plus it helps your blog post get some much needed backlinks, so you rank higher in the search engines for even more targeted traffic.


12. Using Linkedin To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site?

Linkedin is a great website to meet like minded online business professionals that may be interested in what you have to offer. Plus since many of them are business professionals they probably have a little money to spend right?

Why not take advantage of this fact? Plus you can meet some new people that you can potentially work on business ventures with down the road if you want to go that route.

Did I mention Linkedin is a great source of free targeted traffic? Linked in ranks 12th in the World according to Alexa in the United States and 14th Worldwide.

So Linkedin is a powerhouse when it comes to traffic potential so use it to your advantage!


13.  Using Document Sites To Drive Free Targeted Traffic To Your Blog, Or Websites

Document sharing sites like Scribd, Docstoc, and Slideshare can be a great way to drive free traffic to your blog, website, or affiliate offers.

All 3 of these sites are some of the most visited sites on the Internet. All you do is put together a document such as an article, blog post, or ebook it does not matter.

I use open office to publish these documents then I turn them into pdf’s they then can be spread across the top document sharing sites for some nice free traffic to your blog, website, or affiliate offers.

Recommended Resource: I love this software program if your looking for a big helping hand with your document sharing tasks check this out it is called commission autopilot!

14. Using Classifieds To Increase Your Sales, And Your Websites Traffic

Classifieds are another great traffic strategy that you can use right away. I only post to the classified websites that are worth my time, and one’s that receive a lot of traffic, and are some of the most popular classified sites in the World.

Here are the classified sites that are not a waste of time submitting too

15. Start And Build An Email List A.S.A.P!

This is the most important step you can do if you are an internet marketer, or a webmaster to increase your income drastically!

The money is in the email list in case you have not heard ( Lol ) I am just reminding you if you are a seasoned internet marketing professional I am sure you are already aware of this fact.

But for those of you who do not know I will say it once again so it is engraved into your heads.

The money is in the email list people!

First off start that email list do not think about it just do. I can help you get started with the email company I use for a $1.00 by clicking here.

Why should you start an email list?

Beside’s the obvious stated above building an email list can skyrocket your income.

Just think of the powers you will have if you build up a list into the thousands of people that are interested in what you are selling? Do you think you will make money promoting a product to them that may interest them? I guarantee you will.

How much traffic do you think you can generate to your blog, or website at the push of a button just by sending out a broadcast to your list telling them about your blog updates?

A lot and I speak from experience.

Your email list is an asset that noone can take away from you and it is your most important asset.

Where else can you potentially make hundreds if not thousands of dollars at the push of a button just by sending out an email?

No where! That is why building a profitable email list is so essential to a lucrative online business.


Please share this post with a friend it took me a long time to put together.

Please share your traffic tips below if you would like to add to this list.

To Your Online Success, Jay!

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