5 Rules You Must Observe to Start Making Money With Your Blog

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Cartoon pic of bloggerObserve These Rules And Start Making More Money With Your Blog

Making money with your blog is not a difficult thing to do. Many people do that. They create a blog, add some content, and start making money. However, many other people also have difficulty in earning good income from their blog. Usually, it’s because they’re making money with their blog in the wrong way. Here are 5 big rules you must observe to start making money with your blog:

1. Slowly build your reputation

In the blogging world, reputation is everything. You have to be a reputable blogger in order to attract massive traffic to your blog. Why reputation is important? It’s about the fact that there are many newbie bloggers that are trying to get attention from their audience in the wrong way. They publish low quality content without substance, and often talk only about themselves. People are tired with new blogs that don’t give any value at all. That’s why you have to be different. You have to build your reputation, and you have to do it slowly. There is no overnight fame in the blogging world, so don’t expect it to be an instant happening. To build your blog reputation, what you need to do is to show your talent (i.e. your expertise).

2. Never ask people to buy

There’s a taboo that you shouldn’t do in blogging, especially when you promote a product in your blog. You must refrain from asking people to buy your product. Instead, you should recommend them the product. This is actually a general rule in affiliate marketing. You’re not supposed to sell the product. You’re supposed to refer the product to your audience. Even so, you have to do it in a subtle way. I mean, don’t force your audience to click your link or force them to take action. Instead, you should inspire them to take action. This is a soft-selling strategy that you have to do, and it works. This is the only effective way that will give you good result.

3. Use mailing list if you want to do aggressive promotion

If you want to recommend multiple products in your blog, you should use a mailing list. A mailing list is the most appropriate tool to do aggressive promotion with your blog. But, I must emphasize that spamming is not a good way to promote a product. What I mean by aggressive promotion is a continuous promotion of products from your blog. You can promote products as often as possible, but the way you promote your product must be ethical, i.e. no spamming. Always, content is the number one rule in promotion. Override your promotion with content, and use pre-selling strategies to warm up your list about the product that you promote.

4. Incorporate your promotion into your blog post

When you recommend something to your audience in your blog, don’t separate your recommendation with your blog post. You have to incorporate your promotion into your blog post. This is the best method that will bring the most conversion in your promotion. Make your recommendation as a part of your content. Just like when you’re having conversation with your friend. Make it flow. For instance, when you’re talking about web hosting, you can say to your audience: “Well, I use this hosting company for years, and never had any problem until now.” This is the way you incorporate content into your blog post and make it more persuasive for your audience.

5. Don’t be too obvious in promoting your product

Always cloak your link when you promote something on your blog. Remember that it is a recommendation from you. You shouldn’t make it too obvious that you’re desperate to make sales from your promotion. This won’t work smoothly. If you’re too obvious in your promotion, your audience will spot it right away. People don’t like sales pitch, and blatant promotion. It will annoy them, and even though they’re curious about it, they will arrive at your merchant’s sales page with a closed mind and big resistance to buy.

Those rules will help you to start making money with your blog the right way. Ignore those rules, and you’ll have big difficulty to earn healthy income from your blog.

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John has written this article for ROI, roi.com.au is Australia’s leading digital marketing agency and seo company, and a celebrated Deloitte Fast 50 technology business in 2011and 2012.

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