7 clever ways to write web copy that helps you avoid punishment from Google

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If you’re serious about becoming a successful internet entrepreneur, you need to come up with a way to convince Google to give your website a high ranking, which means avoiding doing things that will cause the Google Panda and Penguin to penalize your site. Considering how hard websites were hit last years when the Penguin program was first used, it’s easy to be intimidated, but you should relax. There’s seven clever, and surprisingly easy tricks you can use to develop your website that won’t result in the search engine handing out penalty points. As long as you use each of these tricks, you’ll enjoy a great deal of success. These tips will also come in handy if you want to improve the ranking of a current website


Make Every Single Page Relevant


Examine every single web page you’ve created. Ask yourself if the web copy contains information that will be interesting to the members of your target market. Each page should have a few of the long-tail keywords that describe your product/service, which the search engine will use to identify how your site should be classified. A sign of high quality web copy will be that the keywords have been woven into the text so they don’t interrupt the reader. A talented SEO Copywriter has the ability to weave the keywords into the text in a way that feels organic. If the phrases you’ve selected stand out like a sore thumb, you should contact web copy writing services with good reputations and have them create high quality content for each of your web pages.


Never Forget Your Web Copy Gets Read by Real People


A common complaint people had prior to the changes Google made was that in an attempt to get a favorable ranking, web copy was overly optimized and impossible to read. You don’t want anyone saying this about your site. Readability often separates great content from lousy content. When people enjoy reading the web copy, you can rest assured you’re search engine rating will improve and your site will attract a high amount of traffic.


Just because you have the talent to create your own web copy, you shouldn’t assume you can do it all on your own. No matter how carefully you read over your work, there will be typos and mistakes you’re going to miss. Before your website goes live, you should make arrangements for Online Content writing services to proofread the content. Not only will the content services point out the little grammatical errors you made, but they will also have suggestions about things you can do to make your content stronger and more readable.


Treat Your Links the Same Way you treat your Keywords


In an attempt to avoid getting penalized by Google, some webmasters have made a choice to avoid including any links in their SEO programs. You shouldn’t follow their example. It’s true that links have gotten many websites into trouble, mostly because the webmasters were engaged in black hat SEO and had used the links in an illegal manner.


Clever use of links will boost your search engine ranking and will also make navigating the website more enjoyable for your guests. When it comes to link, you need to handle them just like you handle you keywords. You can post some links into your web copy, you simply need to do so in a way that’s organic and won’t have a negative impact on the content’s readability. Different ways links can be a natural part of your web copy include:



Once you’ve gotten your website up and running, you need to take time every two of three weeks and check all of your links and make sure they work properly.


The absolutely should not ever purchasing links. Google will figure it out and you’ll be severely penalized, and if the search engine deems your actions bade enough, they could remove your website from their listings altogether.


Make Every Page Unique


Copying content you’ve written for one of your web pages and pasting it to another page might be tempting. It will certainly save you a create deal of time, but you shouldn’t do it. Google wants the content on every single page to be unique. Copying and pasting portions of the content from one page ot another will result in heavy penalizations. The time you take to create unique web copy will be rewarded with an outstanding ranking.


Resist the Pull of Outside Advertisements


As soon as your website goes live, you’ll find yourself dealing with a barrage of companies who want to use your site to advertise their own products. In exchange for a small portion of your internet real estate, they will provide financial reimbursement. While this sounds like a sweet deal, you need to look before you leap. Neither Google nor your visitors like websites filled with content. They feel to cluttered and commercialized. Pick one or two advertisers, preferable companies that you do business with and have produces that will be appreciated by your target market. Experts advise avoiding advertisers who want to post links that will lead people away from your website.


Create Content for Other Sources


It’s easy to get so wrapped up on the developing web copy for your website that you forget about the benefits you will enjoy when you post high quality, interesting articles to article directories and blogs. The articles have two distinct purposes.


They help you create the idea that you’re an expert in your field, someone who can be trusted.


You will be able to include, usually in the author bio, a link that leads back to your website.


Update Your Website Weekly


Google, and the people who regularly visit your site, loves fresh web copy. This doesn’t mean you have to redo your entire website every week. Adding a wordPress blog and creating two or three posts every couple of weeks will work as new content and help you retain a stellar rating.


One thing you should keep in mind will be that people who routinely visit your webpage will read you blog and leave comments. You’ll establish a better connection with your customers, increasing brand loyalty, if you respond to their comments and questions.


Author Bio


ProfessionalSEO Copywriter, Mark Long, enjoys his reputation as one of the best writers in the business. He loves to use his talent and knowledge to help individuals new to the world of internet entrepreneurship and will guide you through the steps of creating a successful website with his high end SEO copywriting services.



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