Affiliate Internet Marketing Business How To Start One

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Affiliate Internet Marketing Business How To Start One From Home?

Affiliate Internet Marketing Business How To Start One Affiliate Internet Marketing Business How To Start One

This post is gonna be a To- Do list on how you can get started with your very own internet marketing business from scratch. Affiliate marketing for you beginners out there reading this post is referring a vendor’s product, or service in exchange for a commission. If someone clicks on your text link, or ad with your affiliate tracking code already embedded in it and buys that product, or service through your link you earn a commission. Pretty cut, and dry!  Oh, and affiliate marketing is big business to say the least. Billions of dollars are exchanged each year between online businesses and their affiliates. Want your share of this lucrative pie?

Here Is How To Get Started With Your Very Own Internet – Affiliate Marketing Business. Follow These Steps:

  • Think of what you would like to sell, or promote online? What subject interests you? Then ask yourself is there a demand for these type of products? Is the competition fierce for this particular niche? If your a beginner try to find a niche that has the possibility to make you a lot of money but one that is not too competitive. Your a beginner get your feet wet before you compete with the big dogs.
  • Sign up with a few affiliate programs and find some affiliate products related to whatever you want to start selling in, or your niche. My favorites are the Clickbank marketplace, Rapbank, Shareasale, Payspree, and Commission Junction.
  • Once you set up a free account at a few of these top affiliate programs you are gonna want to make a tracking link, or a hoplink. This is how you are gonna get paid so make sure you set it up correctly! With clickbank your hoplink will be your user name when you sign up for your free affiliate account. All you have to do is input your user name into the account nickname field after you click promote on the affiliate product that you want to advertise. The tracking i.d field is optional but I do recommend it so you know where your clicks are coming from in your internet marketing campaigns.
  • For example: You are advertising a link on your blog that you just started and a visitor clicks on your clickbank link that you have placed strategically on your blog. If you have the tracking id set up as jaysblog for example you will know that particular click came from your blog. If you are advertising on backpage for example a top classified site you can set the tracking i.d to backpagead so you know where your clicks are coming from. Get it? The tracking i.d’s let you know which affiliate marketing campaigns are performing well and which one’s to ditch. Conclusion: Use the tracking i.d whenever possible. I hope I explained it so you understand it.
  • Find and buy a domain name. A domain name is for example or your internet address, or URL. You also want your domain name to include some good keywords related to whatever you are gonna be selling. For example: If your gonna be promoting earn money online products which I do not suggest you go into because the competition is fierce. You may want to buy a domain name with the keywords earn money online products in it if it is available. Check out and see if they have one that you are interested in and buy it after you do your keyword research. Find a domain name that has a keyword phrase related to whatever your blog, or website is trying to sell that has a lot of searches with low competition. This will take some research on your part but you are a smart cookie you can do it!
  • Start a self hosted WordPress blog, or a website where you actually pay the small monthly fee for a company to host your site for you. I recommend Hostgator that is who I use and I am very happy with them. If you want to build a real affiliate – internet marketing business website hosting is a must. It is cheap about $5 – $ 10 bucks a month and you can pretty much do what you want without fear of breaking anybody else’s rules. These are your rules on your paid site you call your own shots as long as you are not doing anything illegal you should be fine.
  • Do not build your new affiliate internet marketing business on quicksand by going the cheap free hosting route such as They are free for a reason you do not own them Google does and they can delete your blog for whatever reason they deem fit. Trust me I went this route when I was a beginner and did not know any better and I built my money site on Big mistake my blog was deleted and all my hard work was flushed down the virtual toilet. Not a good way to start my new affiliate marketing career at all. Lesson learned I moved on do not make the same mistakes I made as a beginner pay for your own hosting and build a real internet business that will last. You have been warned and like the saying goes you can drag a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. I hope your smart enough to listen to this advice!
  • Only post 100% unique content on your website, or blog. Do not copy and paste someone else’s content onto your website, or blog and claim it as your own. First off it is not cool at all in most cases, and secondly Google will not rank your website highly in the search engines which will kill your online business in the long run. After the last Google update Google slammed affiliate sites that had a large amount of duplicate content that were trying to game the search engines. This was a good thing for me, and all the other real affiliate – internet marketing blogs out there on the internet who work hard on our online businesses. To recap: Only post the content if you write it yourself on your blog, or website or you will be paying the piper eventually.
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate offers so you can start to make some money from your online efforts.
  • Learn seo so you can rank highly in the search engines for whatever you will be promoting as an affiliate marketer. I highly recommend you check out this seo course it will be a one time investment that will help you make money for years to come. A very good course for beginners who are new to seo. You can check it out here!
  • Free traffic techniques – article marketing, classified ads, social networking, internet marketing forums such as the Warriorforum for example, social bookmarking, blog commenting, blog posting, press releases, pay per click, guest blog posting, j.v’s with other internet marketers in your niche, adswaps, email marketing, the list goes on and on. These are free ways to drive targeted traffic to your blog, website, or affiliate offers.
  • Once you start building your new affiliate internet marketing businesses traffic levels up and you are starting to make some money online you are gonna want to start an email list a.s.a.p. The money is in the email list so capture your casual website visitors and turn them into paying subscribers now, or down the line. Here is a link to get you started with the email marketing company I use for a $1.00 for your first months service. P.S. this is the email company all the big dogs use online. They are known in the internet marketing community as the creme of the crop.
  • Keep plugging away at your affiliate internet marketing business and realize you will not get rich overnight.  Internet marketing takes a lot of work especially in the beginning. This is a business treat it as such and put in a little effort each and every day. Every blog post you make, every article that you post, every forum comment that you answer, every press release that you submit, every classified that you write, every affiliate program that you successfully promote, and make money with gets you one step closer to your ultimate goal. Financial freedom, and eventually an internet business that runs itself on autopilot 24 hours a day 7 days a week and collects money for you even while you sleep. How cool is that? See what a little hard work can do for your pocketbooks?
  • What are you looking at! Get to work and start making your online dreams a reality no-one’s going to do it for you.

To your online success internet entrepreneurs, Jay! Please feel free to leave your comments below, I really appreciate them!

Affiliate Internet Marketing Business How To Start One Affiliate Internet Marketing Business How To Start One

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