Affiliate Marketing Online Training Traffic Secrets

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Affiliate Marketing Online Training Traffic Secrets

Affiliate Marketing Online Training Traffic Secrets

Here’s the best places to advertise online for free affiliate traffic I have found through trial@error! Make sure you put this list in a safe place here are my free traffic secrets.

1. – Hugely popular article directory all the top affiliate marketers use them – Including the Internet Gurus. You would be a fool not to submit some articles to them. Great backlinks – and tons of traffic make Ezinearticles a winner!

2. Hubpages – I do really well earning some extra cash online through Hubpages – There hubs when written properly convert very well into affiliate sales. I am not saying you have to be Stephen King – Just sound like you know what you are talking about and you should make some money. Benefits – High page rank website, and tons of traffic. Tip for affiliates –  Be active in there online forum you will receive a lot more traffic by being an active forum poster!

3. Betternetworker – Very good traffic source I see some great results by submitting articles on there website. Cool Tip – If your article has received a lot of views in any given day – They will put your article on the front page of there website for more free traffic you cant beat that fringe benefit! Its called most viewed articles category. Make sure to use a catchy title marketers!

4. Ehow – All how to articles very easy to write and submit an article all they require is 4 steps – But each step only has to be a couple sentences at the minimum. So needless to say you can write an Ehow article very quickly once you have an idea of what your gonna write about. Tip for affiliates: You can add affiliate links at the bottom of your Ehow articles its called resources make sure you take advantage of this money making technique. Another useful tip to monetize your articles even more is to sign up for an Ehow publishers account. They pay you monthly a long as you have earned at least $10 dollars, payed directly into your Paypal account which is really cool. Note: Ehow publishers only available to U.S and U.K members at this time!

5. Blog Commenting –  If you have your own blog, or website, then blog commenting is a must especially if your just starting out online as a beginner. If you want to increase your Google page rank on your website, or blog, then comment on blogs that are similar to what your website is based around. Affiliate tip: I would concentrate on commenting on more popular blogs with a higher page rank – 2 and up – This will give you better back links and Google will award you kindly for it on there next page rank update!

6. Warrior Forum – Extremely popular one of the most popular affiliate marketing websites there is online. Huge traffic levels, and some of the best Internet marketers in the world frequent there forum. You can kill 2 birds with one stone with this forum you can learn a ton from all the helpful training tips you can find by browsing the forum.Not to mention all the free traffic you will be getting for your website, blog, or affiliate link. Note: Be an active participant on the Warrior Forum especially if your a beginning affiliate marketer, or Internet Entrepreneur.You will learn a ton on this forum trust me!

7. Yahoo Answers – A great place for free traffic but be extremely careful do not blatantly advertise or they will suspend your account in a New York minute. Trust me I know from experience, play by the rules and you should be fine. You will notice a nice jump in your traffic levels by being an active member of Yahoo Answers.

8. SEO – Better known as search engine optimization. If your a newbie reading this it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is extremely important if you want to eventually kick your day job to the curb somewhere down the road. Optimize your website, or blog, for the keyword phrases you want to rank well for in the search engines. If your not familiar with search engine optimization then do some research! I have a few helpful affiliate articles on this blog geared at beginning affiliates – feel free to browse around and take a look.

These are the majority of the ways I generate free traffic to my sites that actually work very well. Feel free to apply them to your online marketing campaigns and you will be on your way to earning cash online as an affiliate or internet marketer in no time! To your success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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