Alexa Sneaky Backlink Trick To Compete With Your Competitors In The SEO War!

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Alexa Sneaky Backlink Trick To Compete With Your Competitors In The SEO War!
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Alexa Sneaky Backlink Trick To Compete With Your Competitors In The SEO War!

Backlinks, Backlinks, Backlinks, Keyword research, and optimizing your blog, or Websites content with the keywords you are going after will eventually grab you top rankings in the serps. Or search engine ranking positioning for you newbies out there reading this blog post.

I am assuming you are trying to rank on the first pages of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keywords you are targeting so you can earn more money online right? Kind of a No – Brainer free search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic that we as Internet marketers can get online.

It is free which is the best part. It is extremely targeted to what you are selling because keywords are what your blog, or Website is essentially about. Seo in general is highly effective and can make you a lot of money if you do it right. But the downfall depending on your niche is that it can also be highly competitive so you need all the advantages you can get to compete in the Seo wars and come out smelling like roses in the end. 

Cool Fact: Did you know that 90% of all online searchers click on the free organic listings when performing a search online over the paid pay per click listings found on the right hand side of the page when performing an online search? Take advantage of this by doing your keyword research, and optimizing your sites content for the search engines effectively for an effective Seo strategy.

Alexa Sneaky Backlink Trick To Compete With Your Competitors In The SEO War!

Once you find a general theme for your Website, or Blog and you have written down a list of 4-5 keyword phrases to target. Then you are gonna want to optimize your sites content for the search engines, and build some quality relevant backlinks for starters.

Here is a cool video I put together for you guys and girls that will help you find a lot of quality relevant backlinks related to the niche that you are in, so your site can gain a better ranking in the search engines over time, and earn you more money from your online efforts. Take the keywords that you are thinking about going after and perform a Google search. You see the number 1 Websites on the first page for that particular keyword phrase?

Now the fun part! Copy the Websites URL and go to Alexa and see what websites are linking to them. There should be a few pages of links for that particular Website. Now link to these Websites yourself by going through the sites that are linking to them one by one and adding your blog, or Websites URL to them. Every one of these links will be a quality backlink, because Alexa only uses quality backlinks from reputable sites.

After you are done with that particular site, go to the next site on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase that you are targeting. Add your Url to all there backlinks. Move onto your next site on the first page of Google so on and so forth. Rinse, wash, and repeat!

For full step by step directions I show you how to use Alexa for getting quality backlinks in the video directly below! Sit back, watch, and enjoy! And your comments are always appreciated. Leave one below this video for a nice backlinks from this money making blog.

As Always To Your Online Success, Jay!

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