Article Directories And Web 2.0 Sites Say Screw You And Bow To Google! I Say Your Fired!

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Article Directories And Web 2.0 Sites Say Screw You.  So I Say Your Fired!
Your Fired!

Article Directories And Web 2.0 Sites Say Screw You.  So I Say Your Fired!

I am gonna start this blog post off with a question to you my readers? Is it fair to us as the article directories @ web 2.0 sites customers. Yes we are their customers we keep them in business its a 50/50 deal, or it used to be.

Back to my question? Is it fair to us to have our articles deleted because of Googles newest algorithm change? I will use and hubpages as an example because that is who this blog post pertains too. Well that is exactly what they are doing! Deleting all our old articles, and hubs, that have been in their indexes for years already approved, because Google slapped them with their newest algorithm change.

Who is getting the blunt force of Googles mighty blow? Us as the users of these sites that’s who. I realize these are businesses and they are in it too provide a service, and make money. But should they do it at our expense? We are in it to earn money also. I thought this was a win, win, online partnership? I thought wrong.

I am getting messages daily about old articles, and hubs that are not conforming to their new terms of use policy, and being deleted if not fixed. Hubpages is making it so strict its like to trying to break into the Vatican to have your hub approved, and stay approved. Articlesbase is only accepting unique content- as well as some other new changes they have going on over at their article directory.

They are protecting their own asses and telling us ( their customers who keep them in business ) Oh well, too bad so sad! We do not care that your hubs took you 2 hours each too write and have already been indexed for months, and even years. Our time must not mean anything to them. We changed our terms of service policy@ only bow to our master Google. Who cares about the hard working people that put bread @ water on the table for us for years? You guys can be replaced.  Is that anyway to treat the hands that feed you ( Us internet marketers? )

So I for one will never write another article, or hub again. I compare it to the saying from one of my old time favorite movies Forrest Gump. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are gonna get. Or playing Russian roulette guessing where the bullet is. We never know what curve ball you article directories, and web 2.0 sites will throw at us next. And I for one do not want to strike out I want to hit a home run!

Is this anyway to treat the hoards of good people who made you who you are? I have news for you without us affiliate @ internet marketers spoon feeding your article directories @ web 2.0 sites your online earnings will crash eventually. How much money will you make when you lose tens of thousands of those same hard working people ( Us internet @ affiliate marketers ) who waste hours, days, and even months of their lives making you guys richer by submitting articles, and hubs, only too have them thrown back in our faces?

Speaking as an ex customer of yours. Notice I said ex customer? There is a famous saying what comes around goes around. I will let the (Don) Donald Trumps famous saying end this by saying your fired! I for one no longer need your services , their are better traffic generating strategies these days that produce even better results anyways. Youtube, J.V’s, forum posting, blogging, adswaps, classifieds, there are other options.

Us internet marketers wish you all the luck in the World all you article directories, and web 2.0 sites. You guys will need all the luck that you can get! Hey, I have an even better idea for us internet marketers, and affiliates, to make us more cash online. How about we publish all of our content that we were gonna submit to your sites and publish them on our own blogs, and websites? How is that for a smart strategy? We can build our own authority sites, control our own content, make more money, and build our own brand instead of yours. Sounds like a winning plan to me.

Uh oh I hear Mr. Trump in the background. Here it comes again Hubpages, and articlesbase Your fired! ( speaking for all frustrated internet marketers )

I need your comments below. Do you feel the same way as me? Or differently? Lets get this party started below!

To Your Online Success, Jay!

All article directories and web 2.0 sites please play the Youtube video below!

Your Fired!

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