Your Articles Have Been Deleted By What The Hell

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Liquid Web Managed Word PressYour Articles Have Been Deleted By What The Hell alternatives to article marketing?

Articles Your Articles Have Been Deleted What The Hell?
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Your Articles Have Been Deleted By What The Hell!

With Googles new algorithm change a lot of people are gonna be seeing this same message I am getting in my email inbox your articles have been deleted by joy, joy! A lot of previous hard work flushed right down the toilet.

Why Google Made The Necessary Changes In Their Search Algorithm?

Google changed their search agorithm recently – and it is penalizing sites with low quality content, or duplicate content. Which were clogging up the search engines with a bunch of duplicate content, and low quality info. Not good for those of use performing an online search. Googles algorithm changes are good for some, and very bad news for others. I personally like the changes because I only offer 100% unique original content on my blogs so it works out to my advantage. Even with the deletion of hundreds of my articles.

Content farms, and autoblogs, especially got hit hard with Googles new changes in their algorithm. as well as other major article directories also got hit very hard. So what are they doing to counteract Googles attack? Deleting all of our articles that appear to be duplicate content in their systems. And the best part is we have to wait days to get approved for an article to get approved if it even does. And it has to be 100% unique. What a pain in the ass! And no thanks your services are no longer needed by me or any other article directory for that matter. Us article marketers that have had our articles deleted want to personally thank you for your support. They want to protect their own asses here is how to protect yours.

There are better options out there, and I will tell you why I feel this way!

1. Articles are too time consuming with minimal results  – ( unless your a so called article marketing guru. If you are then stop reading this post this will not apply to you! ) The results from my article marketing efforts are not worth it in my opinion because of the new changes in the search engines, plus a few other reasons. The internet marketing game is changing like it or not – and I am changing with it. I would rather write high quality 100% unique content for my blogs than 100% unique content for or any other article directory for that matter. And yeah I know that articles go viral, and can give you a lot of backlinks, traffic, yadda, yadda, yadda. My last comment was for the comments I am gonna get defending article marketing lol. Yeah I know! But this is my opinion like it or not. That is what the first amendment freedom of speech was created for.

2.  With Googles new algorithm changes your articles have to be 100% unique and you have to wait sometimes up too a few days to get approved if you get approved at all. Gone are the days of instant approval. Hello waiting game! Sounds like a lot of fun don’t it? Not!

What article directories like and are good for?

1. If you have a new website, or blog, than getting a backlink from the top article directories like,, or can do wonders for your rankings in the serps as well as get you a trickle of traffic.  But I would not put a lot off effort into submitting articles nowadays because of the changing landscape of the internet marketing World. Note: This is just my opinion if you are seeing a lot of success from article marketing than by all means keep at it! But for me I will not submit another article for a long, long, time if ever! I may submit a few hubs here and there on hubpages but that is as far as I will go. You decide how far you want to take your article marketing efforts for yourself. For me it is dying, and there are better alternatives to article marketing in my opinion.

Here are a few alternatives to and the other top article directories. My top 2 internet marketing strategies that I personally find less time consuming, and deliver better results most of the time!

1. Press Releases – is free and it produces better results for me than the article directories.

2. Submitting video’s – Youtube anyone? Need I say more? Youtube is actually the second largest search engine in the World ahead of Yahoo, and Bing both. I know it is technically not a search engine but Youtube viewers are searching for videos just like they would in a search engine when performing an online search. Pretty powerful stuff! And videos can go viral just like articles – and they rank extremely high in the search engines ( bonus ) Just get yourself a headset with a microphone and some screen recording software. I use ashampoo it is awesome software and really cheap to boot. And you can turn your old articles into videos, or create new video’s. The choice is yours!

Quick Note: Article marketing is still effective, but it is dying in my opinion. Don’t let my post discourage your  future article marketing efforts. I just think there are better internet marketing strategies nowadays that will produce equal if not better results in half the time. This post is my opinion based on my research and results. You can decide for yourself if or the other article marketing directories are worth your valuable time? I will leave you to ponder that question…..

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

Your Articles Have Been Deleted By What The Hell alternatives to article marketing?
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