Backpage Advertising Reviews [2023]

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Backpage Advertising Reviews Does Backpage Equal Cheap Low-Cost Effective Online Advertising My Review

Just wanted to give my blog readers a quick heads-up on Backpage. I like to compare Backpage as Craigslist’s little brother but a lot more internet marketer-friendly.  With Craigslist everything seems to get flagged for any little reason.  For example: I put up an ad, very legitimate by the way. Trying to sell a puppy for a friend of mine the ad was flagged as spam on two different occasions. The reason why I found out later is someone really wanted that dog so they decided to flag my ads so no one else could reply.  lol yeah, it is kind of funny, but it is also a trend you have to watch out for on Craigslist.  Anyone can flag your ad for whatever reason as spam. And guess what?  Your ad is deleted and you have to rewrite it all over again. ( Not Fun At All )

Enter Craigslists Little Brother Backpage To The Rescue. Could This Be The Cheap, Low Cost, Effective, Internet Marketing Source That We Can Use For Pennies On The Dollar?

My answer to this question is definitely yes! It is one of my favorite budget-friendly, cost-cutting,  advertising sources online.  Most of you are probably familiar with Backpage you probably heard the name thrown around a few times here and there. Hell, some of you may be already using them as an alternative to Craigslist. Why not throw up a sponsored ad promoting your website, blog, or affiliate products for pennies on the dollar?

With Backpage you can advertise in any category that they have in any city in the U.S.A or Worldwide.  Here are a few benefits of advertising with back page? And a screenshot showing you the very low costs of placing a prominent sponsored ad that will appear in the right-hand side of the category, and the cities of your choice.

Benefits Of Placing Low Cost Classified Ads On Backpage?

  • Extremely cost-effective advertising.  I practice what I preach, I use them all the time. I placed an ad in 10 major U.S cities for under $5 bucks. Not too shabby if I do not say so myself!
  • You can promote an affiliate product in a related category for dirt cheap. Hell, that few-dollar investment could turn into a hundred bucks or more for a ten minute ad if your smart!
  • Backpage will not bleed your wallets, or purses dry like pay-per-click. Ever try to advertise on Google Adwords? It is getting ridiculously expensive! If your not good at pay-per-click,  adwords can suck up your money faster than a gold-digging ex-wife going after half her rich ex-husbands assets. With Backpage you only stand to lose a few dollars, and you can possibly make a lot more from your low-cost investment.
  • Trial @ Error you can afford to see what’s profitable for you and what is not because you’re not losing very much money at all. I recently sold a few affiliate products through an ad that took me 10 minutes to write. The ad cost me $3.86 cents and I made almost a hundred dollars from that $3.86 cent investment. Not a bad return on investment! No you will probably not get rich by placing ads on Backpage – But you can make some pretty good money if you start thinking outside the box!

You can check out backpage here!

Here Are A Few More Low Cost, Marketing Websites And My Best ways to earn money online Without Spending A Fortune

  • Usfreeads
  • Kijiji
  • Exactseek – The traffic quality is horrible but at $12 dollars for a 3-month ad it is very cost-effective. Tip: Use popular keyword terms like Facebook, Google, or Twitter for example to really pump up the clicks. You can even use them to get an article, or a video a lot more views. The traffic like I said is from Mars it does not convert into sales, and money in your pockets, but it does have its uses.  So proceed with caution!
  • Facebook Fanpage is free and effective
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Press Releases
  • Buy an ad on a blog, or a website related to yours. Usually, this kind of advertising is pretty inexpensive depending on how popular the blog, or website is.
  • Warriorforum – Warriorforum classified is $20 bucks it is a pretty good deal and it is usually a pretty good return on investment
  • Warriorforum WSO – Better known as a Warriorforum special offer. The price is $40 make sure the product you are selling is gonna be a hot seller and you could make a fortune.  Worst case scenario you can at least make your money back.
  • Blog commenting – Comment on blogs that are related to yours. The more popular the blog is the better the traffic quality usually is and the more click thru’s you will get to your blog, or website.
  • Youtube – Start submitting youtube video’s promoting your blog, website, or affiliate programs. This is free traffic, and video is absolutely huge nowadays!

This software is getting some rave reviews from the internet marketing community: It is brought to you by Jamie Lewis.

watch this free video here

To Your Online Success, Jay!

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