Best WordPress Affiliate URL Cloaker Of 2023 Protect Your Affiliate Commissions And Get Your Emails Delivered Back Into The Inbox Where They Belong

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Best WordPress Affiliate URL Cloaker Of 2016 Protect Your Affiliate Commissions, Share Your Affiliate Links On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc..  And Get Your Emails Delivered Back Into The Inbox Where They Belong!

Click Here To See What I Bought And Why It Is My Favorite Affiliate Link Cloaker


Why I Bought A Professional Affiliate URL Cloaker And Why You Should As Well

My main reason for buying this link cloaker was the dismal open rates that are going on with my email service provider which translates into a ton of lost commissions in my pocket.

If people are not seeing my emails I am losing a  lot of money plain and simple!

I noticed everytime I sent an email using  a raw affiliate link or a free link cloaker no names mentioned to protect the innocent, badly coded, second rate affiliate URL cloakers out there:)

I ended up in the spam or junk folder which is no good:( This was my main reason for buying the affiliate link cloaker that I am now recommending in the link above.

As an affiliate I pay a lot of money for my email list and my subscribers have double – opted in to hear from me and when a good chunk of them are not seeing my messages I am getting frustrated, and losing a lot of money at the same time.

Google wants to make all the money online they cannot care less about the small business man or woman who has an internet business. Same goes with Facebook, and most of the other social networking sites that are out there! They are doing there best to make sure your affiliate links are not delivered with their sophisticated algorithms that are in place to stop your messages from getting through.

Ever try posting an affiliate link on Facebook? Facebook will show you a message saying no can do this link is blocked. Go ahead try it out for yourself if you have not done so already:)

My Point: These are big businesses who want you to advertise on their sites they do not want to give you free traffic, and sales if they can help it.

They go out of there way to make sure that you spend your advertising dollars with them after all Wall street is counting on them:)

Well this affiliate link cloaker gets around there so called sophisticated algorithims so you can land in your customers email inbox, and you can also post your affiliate links on the major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…

Hows that for getting back at the man a bit so to speak.

What this means for you as an online entrepreneur is more money in your pockets not Googles, or Facebooks!

2. My second main reason for buying wp link shield diamond was the ability to protect my affiliate links from basically anything that you can imagine theft which equals lost commissions, browser switching, the list goes on and on… This wp plugin fixes all these issues.

Not too mention the ability to post your affiliate links on the various social networking sites that are out there the big one for me was Facebook.


Ok So Did My New Affiliate URL Link Cloaker Work As Advertised? Here Are My Results…

The first email with an affiliate link added that I sent out to my email list was in the inbox hooraaayy!!! I have already noticed the click thrus have gone way up. This alone is worth the investment.

My second test was I added some JVZoo affiliate links  to all the major social networks and they all were posted successfully no blocking of any kind.

This is a big plus for me especially on Facebook I can post affiliate links without the link being blocked who would have figured.

My Final Thought Like Jerry Springer:)Jerry, Jerry, Jerry:) ok enough joking around back to business:)

This has been a great investment for me, and it is sure to pay off 1000 times over for what I paid for the affiliate cloaking wp plugin.

Pick it up it is well worth the small investment:)


Proof Of My Purchase Below For All You Skeptics Out There

Congratulations on your purchase.
For support contact:
Your Login Email: ~~~~~~ 
Please use your existing JVZoo password
Use the above information to access your
purchase at:
Purchase Details:
Product: WP Link Shield DIAMOND
Price: $39.70
Payment Id: AP-21V62958FX995125U



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