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Just a quick heads up for my blog readers.  I just installed the top commentators plugin on this blog so feel free to make some relevant comments on my blog posts so your blog, or website,  can be on my blogs homepage. It takes about 5 comments for your avatar, and website,  to become active on my homepage.  So its really worth the effort. This blog has some pretty good traffic levels take advantage of this plugin.  So you can earn extra cash, and make more money online, from the extra click thru’s being on my homepage will generate to your blog, or website.

I also installed the recent comments plugin, and I have keyword luv installed as well. I have made this blog very friendly to internet, and affiliate marketers,  so take advantage of this opportunity by adding some relevant comments on this blog. As long as the comments are not spam, they will be approved.

You can also use anchor text in your titles if you want such as earn cash make money online, affiliate lessons, make money online blog, etc… etc…. Whatever your blog is based around use your keywords in the title of your blog comments that you want to rank for in the search engines.  I added this for those of you who are not familiar with anchor text. For you more experienced internet marketers just ignore my anchor text comments. A lot of beginners are not yet familiar with anchor text.

Here is a helpful list I found surfing the Internet I want to share with you guys, and girls.

List of dofollow blogs using top commentators plugin

You can check out the full list of do-follow top commentators plugins on this blog: Just copy and paste this URL into your address bar I am having technical issues with my links on this blog I am trying to resolve:

P.S. Do not forget to comment on my blog first

Enjoy My Top Commentators Plugin. And As Always To Our Online Business Success, Jay!

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