Clickbank Review – Learn How To Get Started Making Money With Clickbank?

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Clickbank Review - How To Get Started Making Money With Clickbank?
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Clickbank Review – How To Get Started Making Money With Clickbank?

First off let me be the first to tell you this review of Clickbank is going to be very positive for several reasons that I am going to list below.

  • Clickbank always pays on time
  • I have been a happy Clickbank affiliate for over 5 years now and they are my top choice for a high converting, high paying affiliate program.
  • The Clickbank marketplace only deals in digital products, no physical products here. This is good because digital products pay a hell of a lot more anyways.
  • Digital products on Clickbank pay up to a 75% commission on the successful sale of a vendors product. ( Try earning anywhere close to that on Amazon) TIP: It will not happen so don’t hold your breath.
  • There are over 10,000 digital products for you to find, promote, and earn money through as a free affiliate of the Clickbank marketplace
  • Clickbank pays on time every time. In 5 plus years as an affiliate of Clickbank they have never once been late, or missed a payment.
  • You can get paid biweekly, or get paid weekly direct deposit into your bank account.  As long as you have referred some affiliate sales the money will be there.
  • The Clickbank interface is awesome. Once you log into your control panel you have your daily, and weekly stats. If you made a sale there will be a green bar telling you how much you made. The more money you have earned the longer the green bar gets.
  • The Clickbank control panel will tell you how many clicks you are getting daily. If you have there tracking I.D. installed on your links you will know exactly where your clicks are coming from.
  • My 2 favorite affiliate programs are Clickbank, and Rapbank. Both of these two affiliate programs can make you a lot of money. Rapbank pays you instantly into your Paypal account as soon as you make a sale which is very cool. ( Tip ) Make sure you have a paypal business account before signing up with Rapbank. And it is free ) Clickbank products have a much wider selection than Rapbank over 10,000 digital products. Rapbank has about a 1,000. The sales pages  look more professional 9 times out of ten on Clickbank.

Tip: Sign up with both of these affiliate programs. Never leave all your eggs in one basket!

My Final Review Of Clickbank 5 Stars. You simply cannot find a more reliable, higher paying affiliate program out there.

My top two Clickbank products this month for beginners: Check these out and learn how to really make money with affiliate programs @ Clickbank.

Now Your Clickbank Review Training Video – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Clickbank? Running Time Over 21 Minutes. Watch, And Enjoy!

  • How to sign up to the Clickbank marketplace for free?
  • How to choose your Clickbank username? Very important information for beginners.
  • How to create a Clickbank hoplink?
  • How to find great Clickbank products to promote, and earn money with?
  • Brief tour of the Clickbank marketplace

Here Is Your Introduction To Clickbank Training Video, Enjoy New Affiliates!

Cheers To Your Online Success, And Cheers To You Making A Lot Of Money With The Clickbank Marketplace, Jay!

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