Craigslist Forums Equals More Online Money And Traffic

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Craigslist Forums Equals More Online Money And Traffic Craigslist Forums Equals More Online Money And TrafficCraigslist Forums Equals More Online Money And Traffic

We all are aware of the regular Craigslist classified site. Who hasn’t heard of Craigslist it is an absolute monster when it comes to daily traffic. I am sure few will disagree with that statement. is ranked number 35 online according to Alexa in terms of online traffic. Not too shabby huh? But wait did you know that Craigslist had an online forum? I sure didn’t –  and I frequent that website quite regularly, as I am sure most of you do too.

But What Can Craigslist Forums Do For Us Affiliate – Internet Marketers?

The answer to that question is quite simple as I recently found out. The Craigslist forums can potentially earn you a lot of free money, and free targeted traffic to your website, or blog, if you play your cards right. When I first stumbled on the Craigslist forums, and I posted an ad, I found out pretty quickly what a diamond in the rough this online forum can be.  My unique visitor count went way up just from a simple ad that took me all of 2 minutes with a little copy and paste job. I am sure you have already learned how to copy and paste wink wink. Pretty basic stuff!

I was gonna keep this little affiliate secret to myself, but it is too good not too share with my fellow Internet marketers. I am sure you all could use a little extra traffic to your new websites, or blogs. After all that is what I am here for – to give you tips as I find them.  I would not be a standup blogger if I did not share with my loyal readers right?

I stumbled upon a post on the Warrior forum where a fellow Internet marketer made a post on the Craigslist forums saying how he made a simple poll. He did not get into great details about what the poll was about etc… I assume it had something to do with earning money online but I could be wrong. Anyways he stated he posted late at night and by early morning he had 250 unique visitors to his website, and 5 affiliate commissions. Not too shabby to say the least.  So if he can do it so can you!

A Few Craigslist Forum Tips

1. I noticed that if you do not have a regular Craigslist account your links will not be active for a week. I mean clickable links. You can still copy and paste your website URL in your Craigslist forum posting. So if you do not have a Craigslist account set one up  pronto. Then all you have to do is sign into the online forums with your personal Craigslist account and post away.

If your account is new, you will have to wait a week for your links to become clickable. But do not let that stop you from earning money from the extra traffic this forum can bring you. Do a trial ad by just copy and pasting your URL, along with your ad, and you will still get some nice online traffic. Then after a week repost, and your links will be clickable for even more traffic.

There are tons of categories to post your free ad on the Craigslist forums. Choose a category that is closely based around your websites niche. Do not spam the forums by posting everyday. I would only recommend posting a couple times a week just to be safe. You do not want to get your account banned, this is an excellent traffic source. Use it wisely, and to your advantage.

So if you are a beginner affiliate marketer, or a seasoned Internet marketing professional. Take advantage of the Craigslist forums, for a surge of free online traffic, and hopefully a surge of Internet income to boot.

Cheers To You Earning More Online Money Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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