Custom T- Shirts Cheap – Sell Funny T Shirts As An Affiliate Of Zazzle @ Make Money

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Funny T-Shirts

Custom T- Shirts Cheap – Sell Funny T Shirts As An Affiliate Of Zazzle @ Make Some Extra Money.

I just bough a couple cool t-shirts earlier today through Zazzle. You know the funny one’s that a lot of people wear nowadays with the hilarious sayings on them? Zazzle had a ton of new sayings that I have personally never seen before in any of my local stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls, and T.J Max for example. This point in itself makes them unique, and in demand! Hell, I bought a few already, and I plan on buying a few more custom  t-shirts through them, as well as some other business related products ( business cards ) for example.

I have heard of Zazzle before but never did any real shopping through them. Well that changed after today. Their is a whole lot of cool stuff you can buy online through Zazzle.  The funny t-shirts just being one of the many cool products that Zazzle has in their huge online store. Too make a long story short I also decided to sign up as an affiliate of because of the never ending supply of merchandise that you can promote as an affiliate, and potentially earn a lot of money in the process. The custom T-Shirts are really hilarious – I just had to pick up a few to show off my sense of humor around town.

If you want to check out Zazzle’s collection of custome made t-shirts check out the banners below.

Fathers Day 1

St. Patricks Day

Why not think like I did and become an affiliate of Zazzle and tap into this well known e-commerce sites traffic, and respectability, and earn some good money for your efforts?  I just did!

Here is A Brief Rundown Of The Zazzle Affiliate Program And What It Offers:

  • Length of Referral Cookie45 Days
    Minimum Referral Payment15%
    Volume BonusStarts at just $100 – up to 17%
    Minimum Payout$25
    Payment MethodsCheck or Paypal
    Refund RateLess than 1%
    Products for Any NicheYes –
    Countless Brands to PromoteYes
    Promotion Tips and StrategiesFREE
    Promotional Banners and Flash PanelsFREE and easy to use

    Zazzle Review And Conclusion: So far I am loving all the cool products that you can sell or buy about anything online. Especially the funny saying type t-shirts that sell like hotcakes nowadays. You can really make a lot of money if your a savvy affiliate selling t-shirts or any other hot seller as a Zazzle affiliate. I am gonna add Zazzle as my alternative to Amazon. As you probably know due to a new law passed Illinois associates are no longer welcome as an Amazon affiliate. Zazzle may be my new best way to make money online as an alternative to Amazon.


    P.S. Sign up as a Zazzle Affiliate by clicking the banner below and go to the sell link on the top left hand corner of Zazzles site and click sign up as an associate.

Pet Clothing

P.S. Let me know how you like the cool funny custom T-Shirts and if your already a zazzle affiliate how do you like Zazzle? Are you making any money as an affiliate?

Your Comments Are Appreciated! To Your Online Success, Jay!

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