Digital Agency Builders Lifepreneur Review

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My Video Review Of Chris Records Digital Agency Builders ( Let Me Tell You All About It )

Digital Agency Builders Lifepreneur Review chris record

This is going to be a quick review of the digital agency builders powered by LifepreneurTM founders Chris Record and Peter Sorenson.

Lifepreneur the companies vision is to basically work smarter not harder by setting up powerful passive income streams in the form of a digital agency and promoting high ticket, mid ticket, and recurring income affiliate programs all on the same platform with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Thus the name Lifepreneur which is a business that revolves around your ideal lifestyle.

This is something I wish I would have had available to me 12 years ago when I first started my affiliate marketing journey way back in the roman times Internet era of 2006:)

But. better late than never.

So, how do you as a founder club member earn passive income from Lifepreneur and the digital agency builders platform?

Here Is How You Can Make Money With Lifepreneurs Digital Agency Builders:

Digital Agency Builders Lifepreneur Review chris record

Lifepreneurs Digital Agency Builders is a dual income opportunity where you can earn passive income from your digital agency sites as well as high converting, high paying affiliate offers.

You will also get access to an ungodly amount of training that will teach you all about how to setup and run a profitable digital agency, access to every mastermind from around the World, affiliate marketing training, shopify training, pay per click training, training on how to do your taxes, email marketing training, and pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to running an online business of any kind.

AGENCY ARBITRAGE: Resell other agency services on your very own website and keep the difference lets say the wholesale price of a digital service is $100 and you charge $150 dollars then you keep the difference between wholesale and retail for yourself while someone else does all the work for you.. Agency arbitrage is similar to dropshipping but instead of physical products you are reselling digital marketing services that everyone wants and needs.
AFFILIATE OFFERS: Use lifepreneurs pre-built affiliate offer pages along with their prebuilt bonuses by just adding your own affiliate link and marketing the page using lifepreneurs tools and training in there resource center.
Chris Records Funnels : Use Chris Records viral rap videos that get a ton of attention because of how well they are made and he is actually a pretty talented rapper to boot. Anyways, use these videos on your Facebook fanpage and learn how to make them go viral with free organic traffic and how to get cheap video views for less than 3 cents a view with Chris Records innovative strategies that he teaches founders club members.

Ok , Here is how You can get involved

Final Review Of Chris Records And Peter Sorensons Lifepreneur digital agency builders:

So , if you want a  great passive income stream at 50% off and the opportunity to promote the affiliate program and earn $1k commissions, gain access to unlimited masterminds from around the World, and attend as many as you want in person,  as well as the opportunity to promote Chris Records rap funnels months before the official launch on October 1st.

As well as a slew of other benefits only available to founders club pre-launch members.

Learn all about digital agency builders and Chris Records Lifepreneur brand  by clicking here and let Chris Record tell you all about it.

There is a ton more benefits for you to join that I did not cover in this review.

Trust me, when I say this is definitely worth checking out and getting involved with now because come October 1st you will be kicking yourself when you see how fast this company is going to take off.

If you want to learn more about getting involved with digital agency builders and Lifepreneur you can click the link directly below.

Click Here For A Free Course That Blows Lifepreneur Out Of The Water.

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