Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software Speed Up Your Article Marketing?

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software Speed Up Your Article Marketing?

Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software Speed Up Your Article Marketing?

If your like me and you absolutely hate typing articles. Either because your fingers get tired after a while, or your just not very quick at it, then you will love this speech recognition software made by Nuance. I first read about this software on the affiliate forum called the Warrior Forum. Affiliates were raving about how much this software has sped up there online article marketing efforts.

Instead of submitting 1 article a day – a lot of the comments I read were very positive, and they were submitting upwards of 5 plus articles a day using Dragon Naturally Speaking Software with ease. What does this speech software actually do if you are not familiar with it? Here is what it does in a nutshell, and how it helped me as an affiliate marketer – be way more productive on a daily basis!

I love writing articles but I am super slow at typing – so I was not as productive as I would have liked to be to say the least. So when I found out that speech recognition software actually exists, and what it could potentially do to speed up my online productivity I absolutely had to have it. I type with 1 finger most of the time for the love of god! If that is any indication of how much I needed this speech recognition software.

Here is a product description from Dragon: 

With Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard, you can talk to your computer and watch your spoken words instantly appear in documents, email and instant messages. You can even surf the World Wide Web just by speaking! Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 turns your voice into text three times faster than most people type — with up to 99% accuracy. It learns to recognize your voice instantly, and continually gets better the more you use it! Just use your voice to dictate and edit in virtually any Windows application, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and AOL. This revolutionary and easy-to-use product gives you everything you need to get started, including a high-quality headset.

Faster than Typing

Most people speak more than 120 words per minute but can actually type less than 40 words a minute, that’s me all day.. That means users can create documents and email messages more than three times faster using Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard. The software never makes a spelling mistake, and it actually gets smarter the more it’s used. All you do is talk into this speech recognition software, and you will see the words printed on your computer screen instantly. What a time saver!

If you plan on being an affiliate marketer and Earning Money from your home computer. This software can help you cut your online affiliate marketing efforts in half at the very least. If you type like me by like 90%! Are you writing articles online? If one of your online affiliate marketing strategies is writing articles – and lots of them – Which you should be doing! and submitting them to your favorite article directories like Ezinearticles.com, Articlesbase.com, or Goarticles.com. Then this software comes highly recommended.

Me personally, I absolutely love this software and I would not want to be without it! Everything I do on the Internet these days is a lot easier. No more typing yaay lol! No more carpal tunnel! I actually get way more accomplished on a daily basis – with my online business. So if you work online to Make Money, or you just want a cool tool where you wont have to type with your keyboard like a mad man. 

I ordered this product through Amazon, and I received it two days later – which was cool! So I thought I would share with you online Entrepreneurs out there. One of my best investments I have made for my affiliate marketing business. Dragon speech recognition software is the —- especially if your writing a ton of articles like me!

Good luck on your quest to Earn That Extra Cash Online. And if you use the Dragon voice software, leave a comment, and let me know if it helped you – as much as it helped me!

To Everyone’s money making Ventures, Jason!

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