Dropshipping Wholesalers Should I Pay For Membership?

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Dropshipping Wholesalers Should I Pay For Membership?
Dropshipping Wholesalers Should I Pay For Membership?

I will begin by talking about what is dropshipping? And I will get into the pros and cons, of why you should pay for your own drop shipping membership.

What is the definition of drop shipping? Drop shipping is when the product distributor basically takes care of all your dropshipping needs for you. Rather than bulk ordering your stock, your drop shipping stock remains with the distributor. Then, when you make a sale such as through eBay, you then can send an e-mail to your dropship distributor where they will pack up the item for you and send it directly out to the customer. With your company label on the box. Drop shipping is a very popular option with eBay sellers, because it takes a lot of the hard grunt work, out of the equation. With that being said there are a lot of positive aspects of drop shipping, and there are some negatives, especially for new sellers. I’m going to go through a list of the pros and cons, so you can make an educated decision if drop shipping is right for you? You’ll inevitably have to answer this question yourself. Should I pay for a drop shipping wholesalers membership?

Here Are Some Of The Pro’s Of Using The Wholesale Drop Shipping Company

1. There is no storage room required, your drop shipping wholesaler takes care of all that for you. This is especially convenient if you’re selling large items, that can take up space very quickly.

2. There are no shipping costs associated with getting your drop shipping stock delivered from your wholesale distributor. This can mean big savings for you in the long run. Because wholesale drop shipping, means you will have to pay wholesale carrier to bring stock from your distributor, to-your own storage area

3. Using a wholesale drop shipping company, can be very convenient, because it will allow you to spend more times and other areas of your business. Such as marketing, product research, getting rid of the hard grunt work of your business. Where you can concentrate on what really matters bringing in money.

4. Save money on packaging materials, because no packaging is required your drop – shipping wholesaler will take care of that for you, so this is a big money saver.

5. All in all using a drop shipping company can save you time, money, and a lot of headache that goes along with owning your own wholesale business. Can you answer the question yet? should I pay for a drop shipping wholesaling membership? Here are some cons to think about also!

Dropshipping Wholesalers Cons

1. It can be costly. You still have to pay for the costs of the labor and materials that are involved in drop shipping. For the most part it is between two and five dollars per item. Many new eBay sellers find that the additional costs incurred by using a wholesale drop shipping company, can reduce their profit margins. This is the main reason why drop shipping is sometimes not an option for some ebay sellers.

2. You are still responsible for any problems that may arise from your drop shipper. Did the item in question are either damaged? Did the package arrive on time? You’ll end up getting the customer complaints for anything that goes wrong, with the whole wholesale drop shipping process, even though it is out of your hands.

3. It is sometimes hard to find a distributor who will do it and do it well. Many wholesale distributors will not dropship for the simple fact of the extra paperwork that is involved. There is also the matter at hand of ad-hearing to quality standards, to make sure your items are being packed, and handled for properly.

4. Low stock levels for a product that can be in demand, could make for some unsatisfied customers. Your wholesaling drop shipper might not tell you when stock levels are low. If they run out of stock on a particular item, have to do a back order, you may end up spending quite a significant amount of time answering questions, from a bunch of unhappy and impatient customers.

Conclusion: My Thoughts, Is Drop-shipping Worth It?

With all that being said, drop shipping is still a very appealing prospect for many new eBay sellers. The benefits outweigh the negatives, and you can still make a great deal of money by using a dropship distributor. You just have to take the time, do your market research, and find some great items with a high profit margin, that are available from your new wholesaler. So to answer your question should I pay for a drop shipping wholesale membership? If you are new to the e-commerce business model, and you want to start your own business with a very low investment on your part. I would definitely say yes, it is definitely worth it in my opinion. If you find a good drop shipping business, that is respected in the eBay community, and has a very good reputation. And it’s also a member of the Better Business Bureau I would definitely say go for it!

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