E-mail Marketing Newbies @ Beginners Building A List Faster

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E-Mail Marketing For Beginners @ Dummies
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E-mail Marketing Beginners @ Newbies Building A List Faster. Helpful Tips @  A List Things To Do A.S.A.P!

If your an internet marketer and your not earning a lot of money online the biggest thing holding you back is you have not started an E-Mail list yet. If you have your own website, or blog and you are selling your own product.  Or maybe your selling other peoples products online as an affiliate marketer then starting and building an email list will increase your online earnings fast.

Ask any top internet marketer this question? Is the big money online in the e-mail list? I guarantee you your answer will be a resounding yes 100% of the time. Most of the visitors your website, or blog generates will be on your site for 30 seconds or less only to leave and never to return again.

The smart thing to do is try to collect those visitors email addresses by giving away something of value for free in exchange for their e-mail address. This way you are building a real internet marketing business with a list of loyal E-Mail subscribers that you can market too over and over again to increase your online earnings. The bigger your email list gets the more money you will earn with your internet business. 

E-mail Marketing Newbies @ Beginners Building A List Faster List Things To Do.

  • The first thing your gonna want to do if your a newbie is find a good e-mail provider to collect your email leads. I recommend Aweber they are the top choice for many internet marketing professionals. Here is a discount link so you can get started for a $1.oo for your first months service.
  • The next thing your gonna want to do is create your own e-book or product to giveaway for free to your website, or blog visitors, to entice them to sign up to your list. If you do not think you can create your own product look for pre-written plr content with free giveaway rights. Just do a search on Google for plr content related to your niche with free giveaway rights there are tons of quality plr content out there that will help you build an e-mail list. Another good tip for newbies is this site http://www.bookswealth.com/links/links.php you can resell these E-Books for a profit or use them to build an email list it’s a win, win, situation.
  • The next e-mail marketing tip for newbies is to create a professional looking squeeze page. This is the best squeeze page creator I have found on the internet for newbies it’s only $7.00 and well worth the small investment. You can check it out on my link here. I also use this squeeze page generator myself you can see what mine looks like by clicking here if you decide to buy it. It converts extremely well by the way!
  • I hope you have your own hosting such as a self hosted WordPress blog, or static website to put your new squeeze page on so you can collect those e-mail leads. If you do not check out Hostgator . I have been a hostgator customer for about 3 years now and I absolutely love their hosting services. You can see my full hostgator review on the blog post directly below this one or just click the link above.
  • Now we need to generate traffic to our blog, website, or squeeze page so we can start building an e-mail marketing list faster so you can start earning more money online newbies. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place so far if you have followed my steps so far. Here are a few ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page so you can start building that e-mail list fast.
  • Warriorforum – This is a great place to learn all about internet and affiliate marketing and running a successful home based business. Tip: Create a signature link with a link to your squeeze page telling the warriorforum members about your freebie offer. The more active you are in the Warriorforum, the more links you will have promoting your squeeze page.
  • honestworkfromhomesuccess.com – This is another very active internet marketing forum where you can learn all about internet @ affiliate marketing. E-mail marketing tip for newbies: They have a free offers section in this forum where you can post an add telling other internet marketers about your free e-books, or video’s.
  • Websitebabble.com – This is another great internet marketing forum run by Lisa Irby and it is also great for building your e-mail list if you actually add this forum to your internet marketing arsenal.
  • Want $500 in free internet marketing training material? I am giving away 16 50 plus page e-books that will help you learn all aspects of affiliate @ internet marketing these are some great books take advantage of them by clicking here so you can see all my free training material that I am giving away. P.S make sure to share this free internet marketing training course with a friend I know they will love it!
  • Blog commenting – this is very effective when you comment on blogs in your niche that are very popular. Write intelligent comments on other webmasters blog posts with a link to your e-mail marketing squeeze page in the url field. E-mail marketing tip: If you notice anchor text in the previous blog comments feel free to add your anchor text. Anchor text for example would be something like make money online training, earn money online, affiliate marketing lessons, internet marketing training, etc… etc… Instead of your name in the blog comment people will be using the keywords that they are trying to target. This is a great seo strategy.
  • Video Marketing – Create free youtube video’s telling people about the freebies that you are giving away. Youtube tip: Be sure to put a link to your squeeze page first thing in the description field underneath the Youtube video’s that you submit. When I am promoting my free $500 internet marketing training material in a youtube video I would put click https://jaysonlinereviews.com/freetrainingcoursegift/ for more info followed by the keywords that I want to target for that particular video.
  • Make a one time offer to everyone that opts-in to your email list this is very, very, important! For example: If your building an e-mail list with Aweber you are gonna want to find an affiliate program to promote related to your niche. I recommend clickbank for newbies to find some great one time offers for your new email subscribers. In the list settings field you will see Confirmation Success Page URL all you do is copy and paste the affiliate code in this field and click save. When a person opts-in to your e-mail list they will automatically see this one time offer and some of them will buy it,  if it is a good affiliate product related to what you are giving away. Please do this! If you do not you are throwing away a lot of money from your opt-ins. My current one is related to seo and it is a super good course to teach you how to rank well in the search engines very in depth. When someone opts – in to my e-mail list they will see this seo offer. You can check it out by clicking here if you want a great program that will teach you how to rank well in the search engines, and earn more money online.
  • Learn Seo – If you do not know how to rank highly in the search engines so people can find your squeeze pages, blog, or website learn how to do it a.s.a.p! This is free targeted traffic that will put money in your pocket once you learn how to do it correctly. If your interested in learning how to rank well in the search engines click here!
  • Safeswaps – Start building your e-mail list at lightning fast speeds by joining safeswaps. I have been a member of safeswaps for almost a year now and it is by far one of my best online investments for making money online. I have also been able to build up my email lists a hell of a lot faster by using their list building service, as well as make a lot of money in the process safeswaps is a must have if you want to earn a lot of money, and put your list building efforts on steroids.
  • E-mail marketing tip: I would recommend you wait till you have built up your e-mail list too at least a couple hundred subscribers so you have a little bit of something to work with when you join safeswaps. Remember: You will be swapping with other internet marketers,  so you have to have at least a little something to give before you can get the most value from this e-mail marketing list building service. Your first 1,000 are the hardest to accomplish if your a newbie to listbuilding.  After your first 1,000 double opt-ins your e-mail list will grow a lot faster. With safeswaps the more subscribers you have the faster your list will grow, and you will also earn more cash as your list grows in size, and value.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial E-mail Marketing Beginners @ Newbies Building A List Faster. Helpful Tips @  A List Things To Do A.S.A.P!

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As Always To Your Online Success, Jay!

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E-mail Marketing Newbies @ Beginners Building A List Faster E- Mail Marketing Tips

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E-mail Marketing Newbies @ Beginners Building A List Faster E- Mail Marketing Tips

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