Want To Earn More Cash Online? Follow These Helpful Tips …

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Want To Earn More Cash Online? Follow These Helpful Tips ... aweberWant To Earn More Cash Online? Follow These Helpful Tips …

If your like many struggling Internet marketers out there you are probably running into these common problems.

How do I build quality backlinks to my website, or blog?

What free marketing techniques will produce results? Traffic and sales.

What niches are the most profitable but also the most competitive?

What is Google page rank in my words?

How much effort is involved if I want to earn a part time, or even a full time income online?

Why affiliate marketing can be your meal ticket?

Should I implement Google adsense into my blog, or website to increase my online earnings?

Why I should start an Email list Fast?

I am gonna try to answer these common questions so you have a basic understanding of exactly what you need to do to start bringing in some extra cash in your spare time online.

Caution: If you enjoy Internet marketing, working online, and are willing to learn what it takes to succeed?  Then I have some great news for you. Working online can be the most fulfilling, and profitable endeavor you can ever take on. Are you up for the challenge? Then keep reading ………

Want To Earn More Cash Online? Follow These Helpful Tips ... aweber1. Having trouble building quality backlinks to your new Website, or blog? First of link building – although boring at times is essential for generating traffic, sales, and targeted cash in hand visitors. He with the most quality links wins the Seo wars, and can rise in the rankings faster than a hungry Great White shark chasing a seal off the south African coast of Capetown. Pretty funny analogy huh? You may laugh! But its very true…. Depending on your niche, and how competitive it is. Having quality backlinks pointing at your blog, or website,  could have your site sitting on the first page of Google for some pretty competitive, highy searched keyword terms. This in turn will generate cash in hand paying customers to your product, or service.

Link to sites with a high page rank related to your niche. Here is a cool tip I like to use for my own link building campaigns. Ever heard of Alexa? If you have not and your an Internet, or affiliate marketer you must be living on the moon lol well welcome back to Earth. Alexa ranks websites worldwide based on their traffic rankings, pageviews, etc… The lower the Alexa number the better! Mine is 156,327 as of this blog post writing which is pretty good, but it could always be better. Patience grasshopper! Good things come to those who wait.

Back to my link building tip. Alexa has a helpful tool that shows what sites are linking to a particular blog, or website. How cool is that? Now it will not tell you every link pointing at that particular site, but it will give you the juicy good ones. Find the website, or blog, in your niche that rank on the first page of Google for the keywords that you are targeting. Then link to those websites yourself. I like to target at least a few websites that you are seeking to compete with in the search engines. Diversifying your back  links is always a good thing. You can also outsource some of your link building using Fiverr.com it is cheap, and effective, and it can save you a lot of time.

2. What niches are the most profitable online for affiliate marketers, and Internet marketers alike? I am in the make money online, Internet marketing niche. It is huge, and very profitable. But it is also very, very competitive.  Unless you are an experienced affiliate marketer good luck competing with the big boys in this niche. If your a beginner affiliate forget about it… Learn the ropes before you jump in the shark tank. It is very lucrative, but like I said the competition is fierce. The earn money online niche is not the easiest niche to earn some fast cash online.

Here are a few other lucrative niches that are not for beginners. Weight loss niche, laser hair removal niche, hair loss niche, webhosting niche, just too name a few.

So what niche should you as a beginning affiliate marketer enter where you can make a lot of cash? The answer is easy…. What are you interested in? What floats your boat so to speak? What topics are you gonna be interesting in writing about frequently, if you are gonna be a lucrative online blogger? Remember fresh, unique content, and tons of backlinks is what is gonna rise you in the search engine rankings and earn you the big money one day. Whether competitive, or not – If the niche you are thinking about entering is something you know a lot about that is the topic you should base your blog, or website around. Trust me this will give you the best chances for online success.

3. What is Google page rank different online definitions of Google page rank?

  • PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set. …
  • Also known as Google Juice, is the rank that Google assigns individual web pages within your site. Page Rank or PR is based on a logarithmic 0 -10 scale which considers the content and transparency of your site according to Google’s search bots as well as the number and quality of inbound and …
  • Google’s proprietary tool to asses the credibility of a web page, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

4. How much effort is involved if I want to earn a part time, or even a full time income online? In the beginning of your online endeavors be prepared to work! You will be building backlinks, adding content to your blog, writing articles, submitting press releases, writing classified ads, posting in Internet marketing forums, and commenting on blog,s just to name a few Internet marketing techniques.  The more effort you put into your online business and it is a legitimate business treat is such. The more income you will get out of your business enough said!

5. Why online affiliate marketing can be your meal ticket? Billions and Billions of dollars are being made Worldwide in the affiliate marketing field. Its is big money, and a very lucrative business. Want your piece of this action? Sign up to your favorite affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank, Amazon, Linkshare, and the Pepperjam network just too name a few of the most popular affiliate marketplaces out there online. They are free to sign up. Find a few good affiliate products to promote and start making some fast cash.   But be prepared to work! There are no get rich quick schemes out there that work. Remember from earlier: You will get back, what you put into your online business. In terms of generating cash, and a stable long term residual income that you can be proud of!

6. Should I implement Google adsense into my blog, or website to increase my online earnings? Diversifying your income streams is always your safest bet. Unless your blog is generating tons of traffic, you will not get rich of adsense. But you will make a few bucks here and there. Some money is better than no money. Remember diversification is the key to increase your cash flow, and income streams. Having multiple sources of income will make your business prosper long term.

7. Why I should start an Email list Fast? The money is in the list, the money is in the list, the money is in the list. Did I say the money is in the list? Ha ha just kidding! But I really want to sink this point into your head. Building an Email list will be the best thing you can do to increase your cash flow by 10 times. I am gonna do you a favor and leave you a link to the Cadillac of Email lists. With this link you can get started for just a $1.oo for your first months service. Click here! Trust me, it will be the best dollar you have ever spent!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post affiliates, and Internet marketers out there worldwide. Now get too work and earn that money Entrepreneurs!

As always to your online success, and your blog comments are always appreciated. Thanks, Jay!

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