Want To Earn A Living Online? Get Off Your ass And Work For It

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Want To Earn A Living Online? Get Off Your ass And Work For It affiliate marketingWant To Earn A Living Online? Get Off Your ass And Work For It ……. Lazy People Do Not Bother Reading This Post!

Sorry about being so blatant in the title of this Blog post! But unfortunately, it’s the cold hard truth. Earning a full time income online takes work. Sorry if I busted your bubble! There is no get rich quick scheme out there, that I am aware of, that will make you Rich overnight. because me and everyone else out there would be all over it like flies on —- you get the point lol.

What you put into your online business, is what you are gonna get out of it period! Ask yourself this question? How far am I willing to go to succeed online? Do I want total financial freedom where I can eventually quit my day job down the road? If you answered yes be prepared to work for it!

If you just want to earn a few hundred extra bucks a month you will not have to work nearly as hard, but you will still have to put some time and effort into your business.

I see posts on the Warriorforum all the time from newbies, or new Internet marketers all the time writing topics on how to get rich overnight ETC.. Wake up call! There is no magical pill, or money tree. A business takes work, and the right knowledge.

Here are the 3 key factors for online success.

1. Motivation – If you are willing to work, and work hard to achieve success with your online business than the skies the limit. Their is no-one stopping that from happening but you! Remember that!

2. Learning – If your a new affiliate marketer learn how to drive traffic to your Blog, or Website. What free techniques work the best? What affiliate products to promote that convert into easy sales. Why should you start a self hosted WordPress Blog? Blogs rank way better than static websites for a number of reasons. What affiliate E-Book, or Internet marketing course should I buy so you can speed up your learning curve? These are some of the questions you need to answer to be successful online.

3. Good Niche – Pick a niche that is gonna be around for a long long time. Pick a niche that is gonna be lucrative. Pick a niche that interests you – very important! Especially if you are gonna blog for money! It will be easier for you to update your blog on a regular basis, and increase your rankings over time in the search engines . And since you are actually interested in your chosen topic, or niche, you will be more inclined to work harder on your Internet business, and succeed with it! Enough said …..

Now I do not update my blog on a continuous basis because I have nothing better to do. I enjoy Internet marketing, I enjoy helping people with their online goals, I learn new things all the time, and I am very motivated. That is why I do well online. These are my main ingredients.

Here are a few of my blog traffic tips I use to drive hoardes of free, targeted traffic, to this blog. Use them in your Internet marketing campaigns!

1. Article marketing – If you are just starting out with your online biz this is gonna be the foundation for your online success. Though time consuming, it is essential especially in the beginning. Article marketing will build backlinks to your blog, or website. Article marketing will increase your Google page rank, and covert casual visitors into paying customers. If you are just starting out submit articles to as many article directories as possible for a month or two at least. Then move onto your next traffic source!

2. Blog posting – Comment on as many high page ranked blogs as possible. Make sure to include a link back to your Website, or Blog so you get credit for the backlink, and free traffic. This is one of my best ways to increase my blogs traffic, and online earnings. Make sure you post intelligent comments on blog posts. Spamming blogs in not only unprofessional, but it is a waste of time, and energy. Your comments will probably be denied, and you will receive less traffic to your Blog too boot!

3. Warrior Forum – Great traffic source, and a ton of useful information that you can use in your own online efforts! You can receive a ton of targeted traffic, just by posting in the King of all forums. Use the Warriorforum to your advantage sign up for a free account!

4. Press releases – Press releases are great because they rank highly in the search engines, and you can write them  real quick for some free targeted traffic .

Online classified ads, Fiverr, SEO, submiting rss feeds to rss feed diectories, social bookmarking, submitting video’s, Etc…. ETC …. These are some of my favorite ways to drive traffic to my blog, and increase my online income!

Remember my 3 main ingredients for success on the Internet, and stay motivated, and positive. I guarantee if you have these qualities, and that burning desire to succeed, you are guaranteed to be a success. Just get to work!

I am cheering for you, and your comments are appreciated. Thanks, Jay!

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