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Earn Money Online Through Twitter Here

Let’s face it Twitter is huge, millions upon millions of loyal twitter users and growing daily. What does that mean for you as an online entrepreneur? The answer is simple you can earn some good money. If you have a product that’s in demand, that’s a proven seller, and a good twitter follower base you can be making money in no time. Here’s a few tips about twitter that you may not be familiar with.

Tip number 1: To earn money with twitter here is a few tips I like to do for my twitter account to increase my response rate. I like to follow as many people as possible, that have tweeted about whatever it is I am selling. For example if I wanted to follow people that have tweeted about earning or making money online I would do a search on the twitter toolbar earn money online then I would follow those people, 1 out of every 2 or 3 will follow you back increasing your twitter followers.

Tip number 2: You can put an affiliate link, website link, blog, or whatever it may be in your tweets by using the following format http://www.yoursite.com Twitter will automatically convert that into a clickable URL. Example I just realeased a new money making blog check it out at http://www.blogger.com for example.

Tip number 3: I like to look at Twitters hot trends that are currently being most discussed, and comment on them. For example yesterday one of the hot Twitter trends was the health care bill being passed in the house. Put your 2 cents in, if someone finds you interesting they will follow you. The key is to get as many eyeballs on your tweets as possible. This will increase your online earning potential using Twitter.

Good luck making money with Twitter!

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