Empower Network Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Review Of The Empower Network: Can You Make Good Money? The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


Are you looking to earn money online and possibly generate passive income through a hype-free, lucrative “work-from-home” opportunity? Do you find it hard to access an honest program that consistently produces revenue for you?


Look no further! This article exposes the Empower Network review, a complete analysis that opens the path for the little guy to start generating real money on the Internet. No fluff, no tricks, and no gimmicks!


If you don’t have time and just want to visit the official site, click here to skip the review now and come back reading it later.


Let’s face it! We live in an online marketing jungle. Every day a new product springs, and new opportunities announce. Time is limited, and our attention span is deficit. So, who can we trust, and how can we make a good program selection, that will make us money, not waste it?


The short answer is: go with your gut instinct. Then, read all the opinions you can find online and inspect all the product reviews related to the program you plan to join. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?


If a program is not worth your time, money and attention, skip and move to something else. However, the big mistake most beginners (and even some veterans) make is to overlook the little details and crave about the potential of the program. Regardless, you have to put in the required work for something to work. It’s like planting trees. You cannot learn it today, and expect tomorrow for the plant to grow, isn’t it?



– What Empower Network is All About And Why You Should Care Product Overview –


Empower Network is a complete viral affiliate/blogging system that makes money for people who use it.


It was founded by two Internet/network marketing specialists. David Wood and David Sharpe.


What’s amazing about this company is that within 60 days after its initial launch, their 13k members received $2 million in commissions.


Afterward, list the main features, benefits and advantages of the product you’re reviewing.


Empower Network: Best Feature


The best thing I liked about the program is the opportunity it gives to get paid straight to your bank account. That means no more waiting for check deposits or paypal withdrawals.


Empower Network: Other Features


The program is viral in itself meaning it gives you the chance to (legally and morally) profit from all the referrals you bring in that joins the Empower Network.

The first commission is the basic $25 membership cost and then the inner circle upgrade of $100. You get 100% of commissions, and continue to get paid for as long as your referral remains active in the Empower Network program.

If you get 10 active referrals who upgrades to the inner circle, then you receive $1250 a month from your effort. Within a year, this adds up to $15,000! However, note that not all sales will go directly to you, as the system is built so that your sponsors get a cut from your efforts from sales 2, 4, 6 then every 5 thereafter. You will also get a cut from all your personally referred members.

Plus, if you decide to join their various “upgrades”, then you can earn money from additional “one-time” sales like:

The Costa Rica Intensive – $500

15K Formula – $1500

Costa Rica Masters Retreat – $3500

Note: You earn $3000 from the Costa Rica Masters Retreat.

So it’s like you get the finest marketing training and support at no cost, as you’ll recoup your investment from referrals you bring that decide to join these upsells.

If you already have a business or some sort of money-making project working for you, then you can integrate that into Empower Network and squeeze more revenue out of both!


Empower Network: What I Like the Most


You get a customizable wordpress blog built onto their web servers (free hosting) where you can write about anything you want and make extra money. The blog also features sales videos by the Empower Network team and lead-capture pages embedded with your affiliate ID. Optionally, you can collect leads into your own auto-responder if you’re using Aweber for example, and take your income level higher.


The program helps and inspires its members to take action, to buy the products, consume the information, up their skills, and finally make more money. That’s what every network/affiliate/MLM company should do. Only when you invest time and money into something it means your dedication will pay off. No investment, no pay off, is as simple as it sounds.


Is it guaranteed that if I invest, I’ll make money? Probably not. Is there any guarantee that once we were born, we will live until we are 70 or 80? Not really. There’s no program in the world guaranteed to work if you do nothing. You have to find ways to make it work.


Talk left and right with others who are already successful in that program, see how they think, and what they do that gives them results. And do the same. See if their approach works for you. If not, do NOT quit as most people do. Try a different approach. Invent new ones! The more you try, the higher your chances to succeed.


Remember Thomas Edison who tried 10,000 things until he found the way to invent the light bulb as we know it today. And he thought he did not fail, but found 10,000 ways not to invent the light bulb. A lesson we can all learn from.


Empower Network: What I Do Not Like


I don’t like the fact they did not launch sooner. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. You’ll probably hear all kinds of complains online about this company/opportunity. Just read them closely. Are they coming from real members or from competitors creating fake profiles and false comments?


Click here to join Empower Network Today and Decide for Yourself!


To Your Success,


Julian Lee


***** This was a paid sponsored post by Julian Lee: Thanks for your review of the Empower network Julian.*****

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