Exploring the World of SEO after Panda and Penguin Updates

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Penguins and seo tips
Penguins and seo tips after the Google updates to rank higher in the serps.

Exploring the World of SEO after Panda and Penguin Updates

As per observations and analysis, the SEO industry is completely an ever-changing mode. In the years to come, handling various online properties and fully optimized sites will be highly challenging.

Presently, every webmaster is striving to gain natural links along with quality content. Every professional is trying to follow the trend of penguins, pandas and more. Algorithms and penalties are involved if Google’s guidelines are not followed properly. Value of natural search and Organic SEO will never disappear but the optimization of sites needs to be more on the user friendly side.

So the question is, How can a Search Engine Optimization Company or a consultant building firm can achieve more success online? Well, the answer is to convey the message in an effective manner with proper optimization of the site.

Fine branded business websites call for long term techniques during their building phase. The site should be user friendly and should focus on targeted audience instead of search engines.

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1. Develop killer content along with descriptive Meta data

Both search engines and audiences should be kept in mind while covering content. Relevancy should be thoroughly checked for the data. Targeted terms should be scattered across the content in order to boost the optimization value.

Developing relevant and descriptive text for heading text, page’s title tags and descriptions will make sure that the same words are repeated in the main body of the website’s page. Stuffing of keywords should be avoided at all costs. Users primarily look for informative content which is written in a creative and expert manner. Also, video testimonials can create a powerful impact for the website. Users like to watch video testimonials before they can make the final decision. Updating your site regularly with blog updates, newsletters and social identity icons is essential.

2. Add to your sites crawl ability by Improving on Page Issues

• Properly check for duplicate content, use canonical tags for preventing any use of duplicate content. Also note the page load speed.
• When redirecting use 301 Redirect.
• Create your very own custom 404 error site page. Hence, users wouldn’t leave on seeing the error page.
• Remove any duplicate, low value and unnecessary pages from search engines.

3. Building relevant and natural links with relevant and quality sites:-

Initially users used to submit only to a handful of their favourite directories for links. But now they can submit content to various article directories as well as PR marketing sites. Cloaking, hidden texts, paid links and rich snippet spams stand to be a notable effort.

Today, it’s all about quality instead of quantity. Even though it’s not clear as to how ratio search engines work for good links and junk links but promoting the right niche on the web can majorly affect the flow of targeted audience.

So in summary here are tips you can follow for more success online:

• Add a video to your landing pages for conveying the service or brand characteristics.
• Consider every query or call for important action. This way you won’t lose valuable clients.
• Use social media platforms for engaging with your customers. You can share info about your company or run polls and also engage with other users. You can regularly publish posts and tweets for group members.
• Guest blogging can be used for content promotion. However, don’t use the same anchor text.
• Join business networking sites with other users to get the data for creating audience and link building.
• Use tools of competitors for more ideas about link building.
• Form high quality forums or Q/ sites.
• Run a blogging or Facebook contest.

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