Full Review Ebay Wholesale Dropshippers Must Read My Picks

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Full Review Ebay Wholesale Dropshippers Must Read – My Picks!

With the world economy in a mess to say the least, and job security at an all time low, for every 1 available job out there in the U.S there are 6 people applying for that same job. Talk about fierce competition! Pretty scary for those of us standing in the unemployment lines today. People from all walks of life rich, and poor, are starting to think of unconventional ways to better their, and there families financial futures. In essence, we as the human race can adapt to change very quickly. That is why we are the smartest species on the planet. We can no longer allow big business to dictate our financial future. It is a new 1040 world small business owners are on the rise. So what can we do to better ourselves financially in a turbulent economy, and world, in this day and age? Simple, lets start our own home based eBay dropship business, and better our financial futures starting today. Lets take a look at some benefits of working online at home!

Full Review Ebay Wholesale Dropshippers Must Read My PicksBenefits of starting an eBay wholesale dropshipping business, are work when you want, where you want. There is no one breathing over your shoulder on a daily basis telling you what to do. How great is that? You get nice tax write offs, and more free time to spend with your family and friends. And do not forget about the great money you can earn, from starting your own eBay wholesale dropshipping business. So whether your looking to start a home based eBay business full or part time. You need to find the right wholesale company right for you! I run a part time successful eBay business in my spare time, as well as an affiliate marketing business, the other half of the time. Both have given me great results Here is a few wholesale Dropshippers I would recommend, for anyone looking to get started working at home.

My eBay Dropship Recommendations:

I started off learning the hard way, Picking a few wrong wholesale companies to do business with. I am not gonna mention no names because that is not my style. Lets just say I could not make any substantial money with these dropshippers. One was a big name in the industry, but with sub par results to say the least. After months of trial and error, I stumbled upon a couple good wholesalers. And I researched them inside and out. I read up on what present customers had to say about these particular eBay wholesalers. I wanted to make sure they put there money where there mouths were, so to speak. After I did my research consisting of:

1. Drop ship start up fees, How much did it cost for a membership to start my own eBay business?
2. What was the overall satisfaction rate of existing customers? Were they making any money? If so how much?
3. How many products does this wholesaler supply? I wanted a huge selection of products to choose from? And plenty of in demand, wholesale name brand items that I could sell for a profit.
4. Were they a member of the better business bureau? How many complaints if any did this eBay wholesale business have?
5. Does this dropshipper have a customer service number, that will help me if I run into any problems?

After carefully researching these 5 steps above I came up with 2 winners. One I like a little better than the other because the startup costs are lower. And I liked there setup a little better also. But none the less these are both good wholesalers to do business with to make some good money. Here is my 2 top picks.

Winner: SaleHoo, this is my first pick they are great company to do business with. Reasonable startup costs if you do not want to spend a fortune on getting your eBay business up and running. High quality wholesale products, that you can actually make money with. And a good customer support staff, and Better Bureau Member you can be proud to partner up with. SaleHoo wins my dropship review, they are my main source for wholesale items I sell on eBay.

2nd Place: Worldwide Brands: Very good selection of products to sell on eBay. High startup costs for a membership, I did not like, but they are decent. One of the big Wholesale companies in the eBay community, which is a positive. Customer service is fair, but SaleHoo had them beat. Overall a good wholesale company to do business with, but had a few downsides.

I hoped I helped you, by giving you some reasons, to ditch your boring 9 to 5 dead end job down the road. Trade in your W2 for a 1040 and go into business for yourself. In these turbulent economic times can you afford not to? Good luck with your new wholesale eBay business, or your new home business in general. To your success Entrepreneurs!

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