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If you want to laugh and learn the funny marketing style of internet marketing I have launched a site that I am having a lot of fun with nowadays named

My slogan is I will make you laugh, I will make you cry, roll with me you are sure to buy!

I like it pretty clever indeed!

Anyhow funny marketer is mostly a collection of emails that I have written for my email subscribers that are meant to stand out in your inbox while selling something at the end in a discreet way.

It works well, and it is fun!

W all need more fun in this stressful World and that is why my funny marketing site was created.

I also cover popular topics like my latest post was about the Joe Rogan Alex Jones on going feud which may offend you, or you may laugh!

Either way, I don’t care:) as long as I am having some clean fun, and you are learning something new, and getting a good laugh in the process, then I am doing my job.

You cannot please everyone that is for sure.

Especially in this snow flake World that we all live in nowadays.

Anyhow, if you enjoy funny marketing stop in on my site and check it out.

Team Jay


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