How Can You Optimize Your Website’s Local Listings?

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How Can You Optimize Your Website’s Local Listings? Adding local business Google tipsHow Can You Optimize Your Website’s Local Listings?

Do you have a website for your local business and thus your customer base is surely neither international nor national in nature? Well, in order to get hold of a local customer base via your website, you will need to ensure that your website is correctly optimized in order to turn up in the search engines that local customers of your service will usually use. This is extremely necessary as getting hold of a click from a potential customer who can’t access your service geographically is of no use to you.

But doesn’t this sound difficult? Should you be connecting your website to satellites and doing all sorts of super techie stuff to get this aspect up and running? No, a simple SEO for local listings will take care of this. Here are 3 ways you can do it:

1. Location Specific Keywords

Think about this. When you are looking for an auto mechanic in Los Angeles, what is that you search with on Google? Do you simply type ‘auto mechanics’ or do you type ‘auto mechanics in Los Angeles’ or something on similar lines? Most people use the alter form of the search string in order to get hold of locally listed business for their purpose.

This is why it is important that your website is optimized to use these locally used keywords in the right density and in a frequent manner. This will ensure that you will get the hits when someone uses these local search strings for finding business on any search engine. In case you are confused regarding how to find these keywords and incorporate them into your website, it is suggested that you head over to the highest ranking website for your locality and service and use the online tools like Google Analytics to find out which keywords do they usually use.

2. Contact Address And Number On every Page

One of the best tricks implemented by any SEO company of repute to get some easy optimization done to your website for local purposes is to include the address and telephone number of the physical office on as many pages of the  website as possible. This will ensure that whenever there is someone looking for websites and service provider in your area, it will register a hit with your website.

Along with this, listing of address and contact number of every page will increase the customer friendly quotient of your website which will in turn ensure that the customers have a fair feedback regarding your online presence.

3. Location Specific Pages

Do you have multiple localities in which you offer your services or where your offices are located? If that is the case, the biggest mistake you can make is having one single page for all these locations. It is recommended that you have location specific dedicated pages for all your services and then optimize them accordingly for that area. This will guarantee you a higher rank in the search result page.

Taking these 3 steps for locally optimizing your website will give you instant results with better ranking for your services.

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