How I Get Free Traffic To My Relationship Blog Through Blog Commenting

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What are your blog commenting strategies?

Are You Using These Top Blog Commenting Strategies For Tons Of Laser Targeted Free Traffic?

A quick way to supercharge your blog traffic–convert readers into potential customers and attract new visitors to your blog is through blog commenting.

I own a dating/relationship website and blog commenting has been the major source of where my traffic comes from. Some bloggers think blog commenting is a waste of time but it is not.

It is only a waste of time when it’s not done strategically. Blog commenting is an epistle. You need to understand that.

There are few things you need to know about it so you can achieve maximum results in your ‘blog commenting campaign’.

Few months back when I first started commenting on other top blogs in my niche, I never realized what I was getting myself involved in. I thought I was wasting my time until I read an article on a top blog (I can’t really remember where). I’ve been commenting on blogs for 4 months now and get as much as 400 to a thousand visitors to my blog every month through blog commenting.

Blog commenting is a very powerful element and it is something that every blogger must learn to do. In this article, I’ll be sharing with some practical blog commenting tips that I use to drive quality traffic to my relationship blog.

These tips will work for you if you apply them accordingly.

1. Be smart–comment wisely!

I do laugh at some people who just leave ‘fluffy’ comments like ”Huh! Good post, Will check back later or Good post, I’ll check back after I finish eating (Just kidding lol)”.

This kind of comment cannot be approved. In fact, the blog owner will see it as spam

If you want to get maximum results in your ‘blog commenting campaign’, leave insightful comments. I mean informative comments.

Tip: Read a large portion of the blog post you intend to comment on so you’ll be able to make a reasonable blog comment.

Comment only on blogs that are in to your niche

Do you know the reason why you need to comment on blogs that are related to your niche? Because, there’s a high chance that you’ll leave a good comment. If the blog is not in your niche, the visitors you’ll get will be untargeted and there’s a less chance you’ll convert them into potential customers.

Tip: Identify only targeted blogs in your niche and comment on them regularly.

2. Use a Gravatar

Are you a ghost? Why don’t you have a picture?

Huh! You suck.

Use a true picture of yourself (Get a Gravatar) so that the web master will approve your blog comments more quickly.

3. Do not comment two times a day on a particular blog.

How to comment on blogs properly
Are you using blog commenting effectively?

If you comment twice a day on a particular blog, the web master may regard it as an attempt to spam their blog with comments (But you didn’t meant it that way).

Be smart about blog commenting.

Tip: Make a comment only when you have something to say.

4. Use your real name

If you want a blog owner to shut down your comment without thinking twice, use your pen name. I don’t see any reason why you’re trying to hide your name. It just doesn’t make sense at all!

Let people know you for who you are–what you do–and the value you offer by using your real name.

Tip: Your comment is more likely to get approval if you use your real name.

5. Do your homework first!

This is very important. Before commenting on other blogs in your niche, ensure that there is a reasonable amount of quality blog posts on your blog as most web masters tend first take a look at your blog before approving your comment.

Your take

Do you learn something from this post? Do you have any other tips to add?

Let me know what you think in the comment section


Anamika Choudhury is a relationship coach and the CEO of where she blogs about how to build a relationship, how to deal with jealousy and how to attract women. To find out how you can strengthen your relationship, visit: Loveblab

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