How To Earn Online Money With Google Adsense Tips

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How To Earn Online Money With Google Adsense Tips

How To Earn Online Money With Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense Wikipedias Definition: AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements …

To earn a significant amount of money with Google adsense you need traffic plain, and simple. Traffic to your online business is equivalent to the blood that is flowing through your veins. Without blood we will die. Without traffc our business will eventually dry up, and fail. It is really that cut and dry.

The same analogy holds true for Google adsense. Without real people viewing what you have to offer how do you expect them to click on your Google adsense ads you have setup on your blog, website, or hubpages account? You do want to earn some money right? Your probably thinking to yourself as you read this post. Well that is a dumb question of course I do. Well get to work building your online traffic, so your adsense earnings can shoot through the roof.

3 Places You Should Incorporate Your Adsense Ads To Earn Extra Money 
1. Your Website, Or Blog:  To monetize your website I like to mix things up: I have found the winning combination is a mix of affiliate programs, and adsense ads. That way your playing it safe so to speak. Your not putting all your eggs in one basket by having nothing but affiliate programs, and affiliate links, on your website. Your mixing it up, say your visitor never plans on buying anything online. He or she is just surfing the Internet for information. This will be the majority of anyones visitors anyway – only a small percentage of people will actually buy anything anyway. So we capitalize off these type of visitors with our Google adsense ads. Some of these visitors will be curious and will click on a particular adsense ad to see what exactly the vendor is offering. So instead of that particular visitor leaving empty handed. We have earned anywhere from $.10 to $3.00 and up, depending on what type of link they have clicked on, and what that particular advertiser is paying Google for their services. So basically your covering both your bases by thinking smart.
2. Hubpages – I highly highly recommend this web 2.0 website if your looking to earn some extra money online. If your familiar with Squidoo its basically a similar philosophy but ten times better in my opinion. You can make money 3 or 4 different ways through Hubpages.
a. Affiliate Programs: You can have 2 self serving affiliate links on every hub that you write but no more. I have made quite a bit of money by placing affiliate links on my hubs that I write.
b. Amazon Ads: You can place amazon ads on every hub that you write earning you a 2nd revenue stream. Sign up for an Amazon account right from your hubpages control panel.

c. Google Adsense: Just sign up for your free adsense account and link it to your hubpages account. It is really very easy it took me like 10 minutes to get it up and running hubpages walks you right through it.
Remember: The more traffic you drive to your hubs, blogs, and websites, the more money you will earn. So get busy and start building backlinks to generate your online traffic.
To Your Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!
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