How to Increase Internet Website Traffic To Increase Earnings

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How to Increase Internet Website Traffic To Increase Earnings Simple Steps!

To earn money online, you need to bring in traffic to your website, blog, or articles. Here’s some simple traffic generation techniques, you can use right away to get you started. Just remember to make money online do no spread yourself to thin, concentrate on one task at a time to increase your website traffic. Sometimes it is a slow tedious process, but with a good work ethic the money and sales will inevitably follow. Here are a few internet traffic techniques to ramp up your money making efforts.

Traffic Tip 1: Write, and place free classified ads. Examples of some major classified networks are Craigslist, Kijiji, USfreeads, and Backpage.

Traffic Tip 2: Write articles you do no have to be Stephen King by no means to write quality articles. Benefits of article marketing is sticking power, they float around on the web for years. Potentially earning you some good money for a long time! Examples of some of the top article directories are Ezinearticles, Hubpages, Articlesbase, Goarticles, Ehow, and Ideamarketers. Writing free articles is one of the mos effective things you can do on the internet to get laser targeted traffic that converts. So get to writing entrepreneurs!

Traffic tip number 3: Social networking Sites – Think Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, Twitter, Myyearbook, and Hi5. Pick your favorite and concentrate on adding friends. Myspace, and Myyearbook, have a cool tool you can use to send bulletins to all your friends at once. Build up your friends list, and send out a bulletin to all your friends at once, to increase your internet exposure online. Myyearbook has a paid tool that costs about $10 bucks a month, but it is well worth the money. You can send out mass emails, flirts, gold stars, stickers, with messages attached promoting your website. You can also add friends on autopilot, its a pretty cool traffic tool to use.

Traffic Tip Number 4: Posting in forums is extremely effective my favorites are Warrior Forum, and Website Babble. You can add a signature link in your control panel, with a link to your website, blog, article, or affiliate product. This is a good way to earn money online
Every forum post you contribute to that particular forum will have your signature link show up at the bottom promoting whatever you want. The more active you are in the forum the better, and more exposure your website will get!

Tip Number 5: Cost Per View: I am new to this myself, but it is getting a lot of positive reviews in the marketing community. You can basically get targeted website traffic for as cheap as a .01. The traffic converts very well, and is also a great way to build up your email list, if you want a cheap, and effective way to do so. You can read more about cost per view here!

Traffic Tip Number 6: Blog commenting to earn money online Comment on popular high page ranked websites related to whatever your trying to sell online. This will give you quality back links to your website, or blog. Not to mention an increase in visitors. In time your page rank will increase. The more quality back links you have pointing at your website, the higher your Google page rank will be. This will increase your websites rankings in the search engines once your Google page rank goes up.

Traffic Tip Number 7: Optimize your website for the search engines. This is crucial for your internet success! Research keywords using the Google Adwords keyword tool, once you find some money making keyword phrases, implement them into your websites theme. Remember the more optimized the content the better. And the more content on your website the better. Learning Basic SEO techniques is the single most effective thing you can do online, to increase your websites unique visitors.

Traffic Tip Number 8: Start a Twitter account, build up your followers, and tweet about your website. You can add a link to your blog, or website, if you tweet in the following format So start Tweeting!

Traffic Tip Number 9: Earning money online can be both fun, and challenging at the same time. I guess that is why I love it! My number 1 tip I can give new online entrepreneurs would be to never give up! Do as much as you can, when you have free time. Any article you write, or classified ad, blog post, or seo you do is building your internet business. You will earn money online, if you follow these tips, and stick to a plan. Do not overwhelm yourself and you will succeed in time. Good luck in your money making ventures entrepreneurs!

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