How To Make Money On Autopilot On Twitter

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How To Make Money On Autopilot On Twitter

How To Make Money On Autopilot On Twitter

If your an Internet, or online affiliate marketer, and your not taking advantage of the great free marketing platform  that Twitter can bring to the table. Then your truly missing out on a free platform that can potentially make you some good money. Here are a few Alexa stats I want to share with you to quickly to show you the marketing potential of Twitter.

Alexa Stats Twitter: Twitter is the 12th most popular website in the World today according to Alexa. Twitters traffic is actually still growing up 7.9% the last month and 29.8% over the last 3 months see chart below. You have probably heard about Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and numerous other celebrities that big name companies actually pay an ungodly amount of money for them to send out a positive tweet about their company, or product, to there huge follower lists. So lets think about this for a second? If huge online corporations are willing to pay massive amounts of money to these celebrities for their positive endorsements of their products, or services, then wouldn’t it make sense to you that if used properly Twitter can put a lot of cash in your pockets? 

A cool thing I really find cool that you can earn money by doing is placing links to your affiliate products, website, or blog, right in every tweet you send out which is really very cool. You must put the full URL if you want to make the Twitter link clickable though for example in that format. Make sure you follow that procedure!

Another useful trick I have learned from using Twitter the past couple of years is to make a comment on the hottest trends that people are currently tweeting about. If they like your tweet, or find it useful, then they will more than likely follow you building up your Twitter followers pretty quick.

The one downfall I do have with Twitter is most of us have full time jobs or are too busy in our daily lives to Tweet constantly so we can bring traffic to our websites, blogs, or affiliate links. So how do we save tons of time while still making money with one of the top visited websites in the world? Its simple just let some good Twitter software do the hard work for you. I recently broke down and purchased some great software that puts your tweets on autopilot simply because it saves me tons of time and time is money online. Who has the time to sit around and post tweets all day anyway? You and I have better things to do if were trying to build our online business, and make it a cash generating machine on autopilot.

This is the software I recently purchased, it has helped me out a great deal so I am sharing it with my blog readers it has saved me a ton of time and is bringing my blog some great traffic, and sales to boot. Take advantage of the money, and traffic, Twitter can bring you!

You can check out my recommended Twitter software here!

Twitter Traffic Stats Graph From Alexa:

How To Make Money On Autopilot On Twitter

Percent of global Internet users who visit

Yesterday5.79+1.5%Change in 
Reach over the trailing 1d period
7 day5.67+1.9%Change in 
Reach over the trailing 1w period
1 month5.86+7.9%Change in 
Reach over the trailing 1m period
3 month5.372+29.8%Change in 
Reach over the trailing 3m period

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