How to Make Money Online Watching Videos

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Everyone loves watching videos and surely you’d be among millions of viewers out there who watch videos daily for fun. But do you know how to make money online watching videos?

Maybe this question would surprise you. Therefore, I’ll assure you that there is lots of money to be made by watching online videos. These are also perfectly legit ways too.

Obviously, you won’t become a millionaire in a year by making money watching online videos. Yet, it’s an excellent way to make money with almost no investment on your part. 

This brings us to another question: why would anyone pay you money to watch videos online?

Who Pays to Watch Online Videos?

The answer is fairly simple. There are countless advertising agencies, documentary producers, YouTubers and producers of other videos in America and elsewhere. They enlist services of small and large market research companies to find various details about these videos.

These video producers need your reviews. This helps them to fix any glitches or make more interesting and relevant videos. All this has to be done before an advertisement or documentary is released to the public.

Then there’re documentary producers and YouTubers who want a specific number of ‘Likes’ or subscribers for various reasons. They are willing to pay you a little bit of money for these ‘Likes’.

Therefore, let’s explore the various ways you can make money online watching videos.

Make Money Online Watching Videos

You can make money online watching videos on a computer, tab or your smartphone. Watching such videos and rating them can be done while commuting between home and work or during spare time. Here’re some websites and apps that’ll pay you to watch videos online.


Swagbucks is a global leader of sorts in market research. This is your best resource to make money online watching videos. Swagbucks operates worldwide and is available across America. To make money online watching videos, you’ve to register on their website to take paid online surveys and perform other similar tasks.

When you watch online videos, especially advertisements on Swagbucks website or app, the company awards you SB points. You’ve to rate the videos to earn money. The more videos you watch online on Swagbucks, higher the number of SB points. You can redeem these points for cash or shopping vouchers on Amazon and other top retailers. Swagbucks pays cash through PayPal, gift cards or other methods. You can check this post on MoneyConnexion to learn how to earn $100 per month with Swagbucks.


You can also make money by watching online videos from InboxDollars. This is a website where you’ll have to register first. Upon accepting your registration, InboxDollars sends alerts whenever there’s a new video available. Usually, they have ample numbers of short videos you can watch several times a week. A newcomer on InboxDollars gets a $5 bonus which is nice.  This means, you start earning from the moment your registration is accepted.

Watching and rating videos enables you to accumulate points. These points are redeemable for cash and other rewards. InboxDollars also pays through PayPal and other various payment methods. However, PayPal is the best to get money quickly. Most of the videos you’ll watch online on InboxDollars are from companies small and large that wish to get reviews of their advertisements. They want your reviews to ensure they’re appealing to customers and their target audience.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a division of an eponymous global online survey and market research company. They offer various ways to make money online, including watching videos. You can boost the number of points you make watching online videos by completing other tasks as well. These include playing video games and completing online surveys.

One of the excellent features of Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is their sweepstakes. They enter you for a monthly drawing that features $10,000 main jackpot. Hence, you can also win part of this prize money if lucky while earning a decent sum by watching online videos. Nielsen looks for a little more details as video reviews to award you points. However, they have excellent videos from some of the most well known brands in the world.

Perk TV

Watch Netflix movie trailers and documentaries, previews of upcoming TV series and lots more on Perk TV. And earn money too. This is a superb website that pays you well to watch online videos. As usual, you’ll have to register to start earning money on this website. Or you can simply login with your Facebook account.

Other than getting money for watching videos, Perk TV also offers other ways to earn. One of them is using their search engine, online shopping resources and downloading new apps. Some of these new apps also have features that help you make money. You can get updates in email about various new videos and special offers from Perk TV as well.


Slidejoy is an app that works very well on your Android phone. Once you download the app and activate its features, Slidejoy will lock your screen. When you slide the picture on your screen, Slidejoy will display an advertisement or short video. You can continue watching videos as long as you want. The more videos you watch, the higher your earnings will be.

You earn points for watching videos on your mobile phone from Slidejoy. And the company pays you through PayPal. Or you can opt for free shopping vouchers. Slidejoy is very useful if you have to ride mass transit or public transport for long periods of time. That’s because you can watch videos on your mobile phone while traveling and earn money as well too boot.

More Ways to Earn Money with Online Videos

There are a few other websites too that will pay you small amount of money to watch and rate videos.

  • Grabpoints
  • Appnana
  • Paid2YouTube

You can read the terms and conditions and how much they pay for watching and reviewing videos before signing up.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, here’s a word of warning. In recent years, there’ve been several online scams that offer money to watch online videos. Beware of these scams. Always cross check any unknown website that’s offering too much money to watch and review videos. These websites will ask your personal information including bank details and vanish without a trace. Hence, sign up only on reliable and well-known websites to make money online watching videos.                                                                                                                               

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