How To Make Money With Amazon As An Affiliate Marketer

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Amazon affiliates
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Amazon is the biggest online retailer store in the World and they are always looking for affiliates to promote their thousands, and thousands of products that are available for sale on the Internet.

Sign up as an affiliate of Amazon, and you can be on your way too making some good extra money from home. Amazon products tend to sell well because the Amazon brand is World renowned!

So everyone pretty much knows about them, and will not hesitate to purchase a product they are interested in if it is affiliated with Amazon.

What you gain by being an affiliate of Amazon? Instant credibility, more affiliate commissions, and thousands of quality products in any niche to promote at your fingertips.

Not only does Amazon have hundreds of thousands of products for sale, Amazon also has a rating system where customers can post honest opinions of the products they purchased good, or bad.

Reviews, and ratings are very important for obvious reasons. If the product you are thinking about promoting has hundreds of positive reviews, with very little negative feedback. These could be the perfect products to promote as an affiliate too make more money with Amazon.

How To Make Money With Amazon? You Will Need To Do 3 Things Described Below

1. Pick a great money making niche…

A niche where there is money to be made in. You are going to want your potential customers to want to buy whatever it is you are promoting as an affiliate of Amazon.

How to do this? Target buying keywords in your Amazon affiliate promotions through blog posts for starters by using proper search engine optimization strategies.

2. You are going to want to target Amazon products with a very high commission rate with a lot of positive reviews.

Because Amazons affiliate commission rates are relatively low. Amazon offers affiliate commissions between 4-8% on the total purchase price of the product that is being sold.

Amazon tip: Check that the product that you are thinking about promoting has a high purchase price $100 or more is ideal, and the product has a lot of positive reviews from previous buyers of that particular product.

***** You will not make much money with Amazon if you are promoting a $5 dollar product at a 4 – 8% commission rate. Think bigger! *****

3. Create professional quality reviews of the Amazon products that you are promoting as an affiliate.

Preselling is the KEY to making money with affiliate marketing and any Amazon product. This is what seperates the men from the boys essentially!

Ask yourself this question? Do I want to make a few dollars online? Or do I want to be in the league with the big boys one day and enter super affiliate marketer status?

You decide!

My point: Presell the Amazon products you are promoting to make a lot more money. Start a product review blog for like this one for example.

And that’s why I highly recommend you take the time too check out a product called the Amazonian Gold Rush.

How To Make Money With Amazon As An Affiliate Marketer amazon affiliate program

Creators Frank Dang and Venkata Ramana have spent hundreds of man hours going through Amazon researching products so you do not have to:

• The Amazon products that they have reviewed, and researched are all priced above the $100 mark! This research will help you make a lot more money with Amazon promoting high price point affiliate products.

Plus save you a lot of time and headache in the process!

Let me ask you a question?

What is your time worth to you?

It should be priceless! Our time is our most valuable asset as human beings, so use it wisely!

• These Amazon products researched are not electronic type gadgets or devices

• The rating of these products researched and approved have at least a 4 star rating. These are highly rated Amazon products that you can promote, and make a lot money from as an affiliate.

• These Amazon products have at least 10 positive reviews from real customers who actually bought them, and are leaving positive feedback about the quality of the product.

All in all Paul’s put together a list of 100 winners he found while doing his research on Amazon, and he created some well thought out, high quality video’s for each product that he recommends, and reviewed.

In Amazonian Gold Rush your getting 100 expertly put together videos targeting high converting products.

This product will answer your question on How to make money with Amazon?

The best thing about using videos for preselling Amazon products is that:

• Google LOVES videos! Videos such as youtube video’s for example rank high on the search engines. You probably see them all the time on the first pages of Google when you are Googling about whatever it may be.

This is fact:  A Youtube video is usually seen in the top results when you are performing a search online.

• Videos work as the perfect preselling tools. When you watch a video if it is put together well that person starts to connect and trust the person doing the product review in the video a lot more then boring text.

Video’s connect with people like no other form of online communication. Why do you think Youtube is so popular?

People love video’s and they can relate with them a lot better!

Frank’s videos are all designed as the perfect preselling tool that will easily help you sell more Amazon products… And these video’s will make you the affiliate much more money in the process!

Check them out they come highly recommended by me!

Simply click on the banner below to get started making money with Amazon right away!

How To Make Money With Amazon As An Affiliate Marketer amazon affiliate program

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