How To Get Massive Website Traffic By Actually Doing Less!

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 Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Day after day, week after week. Year after year after year…”How to get massive traffic doing less

One of the recent adjustments I’m starting to make with my business is being more transparent. At some point, I realized that we only advertise people’s successes. In our industry, the people that get the recognition and reputation are the ones that are ‘the best’ at something. The traffic king. The copywriting guru.

Basically, the people that have earned it and know how to do it right, and can teach you how to do it right. Because that’s what we want; to be shown how to be successful!

But I think we’re missing out on a lot by only learning from people’s successes. By only learning what works. We end up comparing our ‘behind-the-scenes’ to these other people’s ‘highlight reel’.

Building a successful business isn’t going to be one success after the other. And if we think that, then our day to day work is going to be that much harder for no reason. We need to understand that the process is going to be a constant series of adjustments and learning experiences.

Pick anyone in your industry that you aspire to be like, and I can tell you that he/she was not an overnight success. They put in the time, failures, adjustments and commitment to get there. They did a lot of small things well, over and over and over. Every day.

I’m being more transparent with my work and teachings so that everyone can see my thought process, my mistakes, and how I react and adjust to them. That’s just as important to learn, I realized.

With whatever you’re marketing right now, sit down and take note of what is working and what is not working. What are you spending time on every day to generate revenue? What are your plans to increase traffic and revenue in the future?

If you’re stuck in a rut or floundering with your traffic generation, try this approach:

Pick one traffic source. Just one, and focus on it for 2 weeks, working on it every day. If you were going to start with banner ads for instance, then spend day 1 researching and learning. You could check out these articles on banner ads to get you started:

Banner Ads: Step By Step Tutorial

Even if it’s not a new source of traffic for you, take a step back and learn it again. Sometimes we shortcut the process in our rush to make money, and we end up never really learning how to do it properly.

So you spend the first day researching, learning, and mapping out a game plan for implementation. The second day too, if need be. Then go ahead and do what needs to be done to set up your first banner ad. On the days where you’re waiting for data to come in, continue reading and learning more. Get out a pen and paper and map out potential scenarios for your next step. If it goes well, if it doesn’t go well. Where will you advertise next? How will you scale this if it’s profitable?

Do something everyday relating to that traffic source. Make it a consistent routine. On the days you’re not in the mood, make sure you do it. Because guess what? Success is boring. Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Over and over, every day.

Once you have that traffic source learned, implemented, profitable, and scaled, then pick another traffic source and do the same thing.

It’s really not complicated. Easy? No, I won’t say it’s easy. But it’s not complicated, you just have to do the work. And as a little tip; if you’re really struggling with traffic and you really feel like you’re putting the time int, then it’s time to take five steps back. I’ve found that when people are really lost, it’s not because they’re picking bad traffic sources. It’s because they haven’t done their market research. Which means they don’t really know who their customer is, which means they have no idea how to get in front of them and how to get their attention. Food for thought and I’ll talk more about that another time.

To Your Success,


Adel (‘Oddle’) is a longtime internet marketer and online marketing coach. Far from perfect, he has spent many years (and many dollars) learning just about every mistake there is to know when it comes to online marketing… all just so you, dear reader, won’t have to suffer through that same agony.

He now works online full time, doing things the right way. You can visit his newest blog – – for more helpful information, to contact him or to add his Facebook page and follow him there!

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