How To Outsource Your Content Writing

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Tips For Outsourcing Your Content Writing

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As an online marketer, you have to think of your work as a business. Your business has different departments and you have to manage it as such. Depending where you are in the game, your business is made up of marketing (traffic generation, copywriting, media buys, email lists, wed design, social media), sales, accounting, and operations to name the basics. Take note that marketing should always be the busiest and largest department. Marketing generates traffic and leads, which are the lifeline of your business.


And running a successful growing business means you can’t do everything by yourself. If you do, then you have a job and you’re severely overworked and underpaid. It’s easy to get caught up in having control over everything and doing it all yourself, because you know how you want it done.


But it’s a mistake if you want your business to go somewhere. Once the basic day to day stuff is consistent and profitable, it’s time to start looking to pay someone else to do it.


Now, there’s a lot that goes into this and many different ways to do it. But I want to just give an overview and talk about outsourcing just one area. To get your mind flowing and thinking like a true business owner.


Content is a huge part of marketing online. Writing killer content generates quality leads that convert, and it extends from blogs and squeeze pages to banner ads, text ads and email campaigns. Good copy will convert an offer for month and years. It’s that important but it’s also time consuming. There is only so much time to work each day. If we spend it all writing, there won’t be any time to focus on other areas of our business.


Product reviews and blogs are great ways to generate traffic and market different products. I personally prefer having an ongoing blog in a certain niche and marketing relevant products to that same readership. What this does is give you the time and space to build a relationship with your readers. You establish yourself as an expert in that niche through your content. And that content, as I always say, is killer content. That also means regular posting on your blog.


You should always have an opt in form on your blog, as well. This gives you another avenue to connect with your audience. When they opt in, they should be added to a pre-filled autoresponder sequence that also provides killer content mixed in with some offers. You can also use your email list to direct them back to the blog posts so they stay engaged.


If you focus on the niche as a whole, then you can keep adding to that same list of leads. You don’t have to start from scratch with every different product. Once you have a decent amount of articles and blog posted done, and they are generating leads and conversions, we can look at the next step.
I like having all my writing sound the same. Unless it’s clearly marked a guest post, I want continuity. So when you look to hire writers, it’s good to be able to point them to some of your writing so they get an idea of what style you want. And on a tangent โ€“ guest posts are great too. They get other people involved in building your blog, and it creates a community where people are interacting and contributing without you.


Come up with a few topics and get samples from all the applicants. This is pretty standard. 400-500 words should be plenty to see if they’re qualified or not. A site like iWriter is great for finding authors. You may spend a little time trying out different writers until you find one or two that you love, but it’s well worth it. Once you have this task hired out, it frees up a considerable amount of time that you can use to start scaling and growing your business and, as a result, your profits.


So for $5.00, you could have a writer writing 2 posts per week. I also like to hire an editor (which I won’t get into here) to proofread everything that I pay $0.75 per 500 word article. So that’s $6.50 per week for 2 articles/blog posts, or $26.50 per month to have your blog outsourced. The editor would have access to my login and would post the writing for me. Or if you prefer to do that part yourself, fine. It’s a couple of minutes.


You have your banner ads up. You instruct your writers/editors when to add affiliate links and calls to action. And you focus on simply managing the blog, its growth and direction. Which means checking in on the stats and activity once or twice a week.


It’s a beautiful thing ๐Ÿ™‚




To Your Success,




Adel (‘Oddle’) is a longtime internet marketer and online marketing coach. Far from perfect, he has spent many years (and many dollars) learning just about every mistake there is to know when it comes to online marketing… all just so you, dear reader, won’t have to suffer through that same agony.


He now works online full time, doing things the right way. You can visit his newest blog โ€“ โ€“ for more helpful information, to contact him or to add his Facebook page and follow him there!

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