How to Streamline Your Marketing Processes with a Marketing Automation Tool

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Wordpress plugins for marketing automation free download

Hey there! Inbound Brew here! Let us begin by introducing ourselves. We are a team of digital marketers and developers determined to help small business owners and marketers build robust inbound marketing campaigns through our full-featured, marketing automation tool for WordPress.  The Inbound Brew Plugin has everything you need to drive traffic, generate leads, measure performance, and create customers.

Interested? The Inbound Brew Plugin is available for FREE download here!

And for those of you small business owner  who are not quite sure what marketing automation is or why you need it, this article is for you! We’re covering all the basics below. Let’s begin!

Marketing automation. Marketing automation is software or a plugin that’s purpose is to automate marketing actions such as social media posting, email campaigns, lead management, landing pages, forms, and buttons. Marketing automation is essentially software that makes these processes and repetitive tasks easier and more efficient to complete.

What’s the Best Marketing Automation Tool for Small Business Owners?

Let us begin this section by saying that not all marketing automation tools are created equally. There are a lot of different options out there that vary in both cost and features. It’s also important to recognize that even the world’s best marketing plugin cannot guarantee marketing success. While a marketing automation tool can streamline your processes and save you (a lot) of time, you still have to have create quality content and put in a consistent amount of effort in order to see success.

That being said, we’ve tried a lot of different marketing automation tools. Some are good but very expensive. Others are affordable but lack features. After testing plugin after plugin, we decided to put our heads together and create our own marketing automation tool. We wanted our Plugin to be accessible and affordable to any small business but still have all the features one would need to build a successful campaign... And so the Inbound Brew Plugin was born. Obviously we are a bit bias but we think our plugin is both affordable and easy to use without skimping on features. From custom contact forms, CTA’s, email templates, and landing pages, the Inbound Brew Plugin can do it all at no cost to you.

With the Inbound Brew Plugin for WordPress, you can save time and simplify your inbound marketing processes. The Inbound Brew Plugin provides you with everything you need to leverage your content and drive leads through the sales funnel.

Free of charge, we supply all the tools necessary to automate your marketing processes from one user-friendly dashboard. The Inbound Brew plugin makes it easy to create custom landing pages and embed them with custom forms and dynamic call-to-action buttons that invite your customers to take action. You can also set your social media posting on autodrive with the Inbound Brew social push tool. As you’re working within a landing page or blog post, you can either schedule or automatically push your content to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, saving you valuable time.

Lead capturing with the Inbound Brew plugin is also a seamless process. The custom forms tool allows you to create forms that capture and store a lead’s information. This built-in lead management system provides you with an organized and comprehensive snapshot of your customers with the ability to import, export, and manage your leads.

When you’re ready to begin lead nurturing, our email tool helps you create custom and professional HTML rich emails in just a few clicks. Our email nurturing tool allows you to automatically send customers personalized emails to keep your campaign working, even when you’re not.

The Inbound Brew Plugin also keeps your website running smoothly from the inside out with the ability to easily manage your sitemap, SEO compliance, robots.txt, 301 and 302 redirects. So go ahead, master the art of inbound marketing and close sales with the Inbound Brew Plugin. We’ve got all of the tools you need, for free and all in one place.

The Conclusion: Marketing for Small Business

Ultimately the best plugin for your business with be one that helps you drive traffic, educate customers, generate leads, and create customers, in the least amount of time possible.  Whether you are seeking additional marketing tools or not, your marketing efforts need to be continually smarter than your competitors  because of the saturation of online businesses in every industry. Your inbound marketing strategies need to be sharp, personalized, current, unique, and above all, customer-focused. The real secret of smart marketing is always choosing to build all of your campaigns, content, and blog posts around what your customer wants. This, is turn, portrays you and your company less like a shark and more like a friend… And who doesn’t like supporting their friends? When a customer has to choose whether to give their money to a shark or their trusted friend, certainly, they’ll choose their friend (that’s you!)

We hope you all found this post helpful! we salute you small business owners and marketers! You’re our people! And a BIG thank you to Jayson  for having us today!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with inbound marketing or if you have a question about our Plugin, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are here for you!

-The Inbound Brew Team

(800) 763-3059

Visit and search “Inbound Brew Plugin” to download the freemium version today!

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