Is JVZoo safe?

Is JVZoo Safe? You Asked, We Answered

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Is JVZoo safe? Find out once and for all if JVZoo is safe to do business with as an affiliate marketer in this question-and-answer blog post designed to answer all your JVZoo questions.

Find out if JVZoo is safe for customers making purchases by buying one of the products inside the JVZoo affiliate network.

Also, find the answer to your question and see if JVZoo is safe for affiliates to promote products from the JVZoo affiliate network and learn how you will get paid as a JVZoo affiliate.

Is JVZoo Safe? The Answer To Your Question In Plain English

Yes, JVZoo is safe. JVZoo is a trusted USA-based major affiliate network with 2 locations inside the United States with the main office being located in Oviedo, Florida, United States.

JVZoo has over 800,000 active affiliates and has generated almost $1.5 Billion in sales as of the writing of this blog post and the JVZoo affiliate network is growing fast.

Yes, JVZoo is safe as a payment processor and as an affiliate network for affiliates to find quality affiliate products to promote inside the JVZoo marketplace with the main majority being in the Internet marketing niche.

Think software, ebooks, course, and numerous products and services inside the make money online and internet marketing niche.

Although JVZoo is safe if you are not in the internet marketing niche and you want to find quality affiliate products and services to promote I would look into Clickbank as a great JVZoo alternative.

I have been a JVZoo affiliate for well over a decade and I get paid on time every time when I do make affiliate sales VIA my JVZoo affiliate link.

This is a step-by-step tutorial that goes over JVZoo pay so you can see how JVZoo pays its affiliates who are due payment for referring affiliate sales on their affiliate network.

Final Conclusion On Is JVZoo Safe?

Is JVZoo safe? You already know JVZoo is a safe affiliate network to do business with and it is trusted by close to a million affiliate marketers from around the World.

There is never a shortage of great top-selling JVZoo affiliate products and services to find to promote inside the JVZoo affiliate network that is mainly based around the internet marketing niche.

But like I stated above if you are an affiliate marketer who is looking for products and services to promote outside the internet marketing niche there are better alternatives to JVZoo.

The better JVZoo alternatives would be Clickbank, CJ.COM, Amazon associates, ShareASale, or even the CPA affiliate network Maxbounty.

These affiliate networks have a ton of major niches and tens of thousands of products for you to choose to promote with my favorite being Clickbank.

I hope I answered your JVZoo question thoroughly, and good luck with your affiliate marketing business.


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