List Legitimate Online Jobs To Work At Home

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Jobs work home make money spare time
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Here is a list of some ideas for legitimate jobs you can work from home and make money.

I have been an internet marketer for 6 years so these are a list of legitimate ways to make an extra income from your home computer that I have learned and applied over the years from my personal experience.

Most Lucrative Job You Can Do At Home?

Affiliate marketing –  affiliate marketing is a multi – billion dollar a year business online this is how I generate most of my online income.

What exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a simple concept. You refer a sale through your personalized affiliate link, banner, or whichever method you prefer.

When a potential customer clicks on that link, or banner and successfuly purchases that product you earn an affiliate commission.

Pretty cut and dry!

Commissions range from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on what offer that you choose to promote and what the affiliate commission  is for that particular product, or service.

You can promote affiliate products, or services numerous ways. Through social networking sites, submitting free articles, submitting free press releases, online forums, blog commenting, seo, blogging, building an email list and sending them relevant offers.

There are a ton of ways to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offers and make some extra money online.

Do you have what it takes to be a lucrative affiliate marketer?

  • Are you willing to learn the skill? The more you learn the more you earn online
  • Do you have patience? You will definitely not get rich overnight! There is a learning curve involved but the more you put into your affiliate marketing business the more you will get out of it in terms of monetary gain.
  • Are you lazy? If your lazy affiliate marketing will not be the job for you! If you are just trying to find a job where you can make a few extra bucks here and there then you do not have to put that much effort into your affiliate marketing business. If your trying to build a lucrative online business where one day you can potentially quit your day job it will require a strong work ethic. Remember: Your building your online business this does not happen overnight!
  • Do you enjoy being on the computer? It will help out a great deal if you actually enjoy what you are doing. If you love your work you will never work a day in your life. That saying is very true! My point: If you enjoy your job you will make more money because you will put more effort into your online business.
  • Do you enjoy a good challenge? Affiliate marketing is extremely fun work for me. That is why I have stuck with it throughout the years. You are always learning new internet marketing skills, and you are always getting better and better in your chosen trade. In this case it would be as an affiliate marketer. If you enjoy a great challenge you will love affiliate marketing!
  • Low start up cost – Virtually free. All you have to invest into affiliate marketing is your time like I said which is free but can be time consuming if you are just starting out.  If you want to speed up your learning curve try a legitimate affiliate marketing training course or online mentoring. If you cannot afford an affiliate training course you can always learn the skill on your own. It will just take you a lot longer to get to where you want to be.
  • Potential of affiliate marketing as a job that you can work from home and make huge money is very real –  Where else can you wake up in the morning while you sleep and potentially have made a lot of money? Give up? Lol with affiliate marketing this is a real possibility it happens to me all the time. Where else can you find a legitimate online job where you can work when you want where you want? And sell stuff to people all over this great big World from your home office, or spare bedroom with a computer and an internet connection?
  • Sound Appealing? Then affiliate marketing could be that legitimate work from home job that you are looking for.
  • This course is awesome if your interested in learning all about affiliate marketing and a ton of ways to make an extra income online


Recommended Free Affiliate Programs To Sign Up And Find Some Affiliate Products To Promote?

Clickbank review
Learn to be a profitable affiliate marketer here!

Clickbank Marketplace – Clickbank has paid out more than 2 billion dollars in affiliate commissions to affiliate worldwide since their introduction in 1997.

Clickbank has over 10,000 digital products for you to choose from in different categories. I have been a Clickbank affiliate for about 6 years now and they always pay on time every time.

Being a Clickbank affiliate definitely has it’s perks like up to a whopping 75% commission by successfully referring a sale on a product, or service that you are promoting.

If the product sells for $50 bucks as an example you can make $40 dollars for the successful sale of that particular affiliate product.

Highest commissions in the affiliate marketing industry by far and the products sell very well if you find a high converting offer.

You can get paid every other week as long as you have made a successful sale. Or you can get paid weekly directly into your checking account. Whichever payment method that you prefer is fine it is all based on your personal preference.

Clickbank Is Highly Recommended By Me!


Rapbank affiliate program – Earn 100% affiliate commissions directly into your Paypal account instantly. No waiting, no games, instant gratification!

Sign up for a free Paypal business account and then sign up for an affiliate of the Rapbank marketplace.

Get ready for instant affiliate commissions deposited directly into your Paypal account after you successfully refer a vendors product or service.

Rapbank comes highly recommended by


Amazon affiliate networkAmazon is a household name so there affiliate products sell very well. The downside of Amazon is there affiliate commissions are a lot lower than the two I mentioned above so you will have to sell more products to make up for the difference.

But Amazon products sell very well so keep that in mind and see how Amazon compares in terms of revenue to Clickbank, and Rapbank.

Amazon Comes Highly Recommended By

Legitimate Online Job 2 Make Money Blogging?

Learn how to be a blogger and blog about that particular subject on a semi consistent basis and make money in the process.

blogger work from home make money how to?
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You will need these things to be a successful blogger?


Legitimate Online Work From Home Job Number #3  Fiverr

Visit Fiverr Here

Did you know you can join a website online for free that is called Fiverr and post gigs of a product, or service that you can do and make money for it?

Fiverr is a great work at home job where you can make money by offering any gig that you can do for $5 dollars.

The gig can be funny, serious, or a legitimate product, or service that you can offer visitors of Fiverr for $5 dollars.

Any way you cut it Fiverr is a legitimate online job where you can make some extra money just be creative! The question still remains – What will you do for five dollars?

Here is a screenshot of Fiverr

Review Fiverr
Click here to check out Fiverr

I hope you enjoyed my list of legitimate online jobs where you can work from home. Feel free to add to the conversation in the comment section below!

List Legitimate Online Jobs To Work At Home affiliate marketing
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