Kevin Harringtons JVZoo Launch The Perfect Pitch ( Info )

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The CEO Of JVZoo Laura Casselman Is in on this launch so you know it is going to be huuugggggggeeeeeee!!!

We have celebrity mega successful business people launching products on JVZoo, so that is good not only for JVZoo, but it is also very good for all of the affiliates that promote JVZoo affiliate products and services Worldwide.

Who Is This Masked Man Behind The Perfect Pitch Launch?

Kevin Harrington is one of the original sharks on the hit tv show Shark Tank even before Mark Cuban:) he is also the inventor basically of the infomercial which are seen on TV pretty much every night in the wee hours of the morning usually.

To cut to the chase:) Kevin Harrington formerly of the shark tank is a wildly successful businessman, who has made millions of dollars from his numerous business ventures that he has graced his presence with through the years.

What, I mean by that is that everything that this ex shark Kevin Harrington touches turns into gold basically.

So, who better to teach you how to make a lot of money online and off than Kevin Harrington?

The answer is simple! Not many people are as qualified as Kevin Harrington, or have the credentials to teach people how to prosper in both business, and excel at life in general.

Anyways, Kevin Harrington and his team have put together a suite of Kevin Harringtons best content, and they are packaging it up @ selling it on the JVZoo affiliate network.

You can hear all about the prelaunch of the perfect pitch from Kevin Harrington @ His Stud head of the launch team on the video below. ( He is pretty awesome in his own right. )

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