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If you want to speed up your affiliate marketing learning curve click on this banner you gotta see this!”]Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing Training For A Beginner. How To Get Started With Your Own Profitable Online Business?Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing Training For A Beginner. How To Get Started With Your Own Profitable Online Business?


First off let me be the first to congratulate you on taking the initial steps towards a brighter, more rewarding financial future by taking the initiative to start your own online business from home. Again, congratulations on making that smart move.

I can already tell that you are motivated, willing to learn, and have an Entrepreneurial spirit right off the bat. Only people with these inner qualities will actually want to better themselves by learning all they can about affiliate @ internet marketing right?  By reading this blog post you are taking the first steps towards starting a successful internet marketing business in the near future.

Now, let’s get down to business. I am gonna give you a list of things to do so you can learn how to start and run a profitable affiliate/internet marketing business right from your spare bedroom, home office, or any other place where you have an internet connection, a comfy chair, and a desire to earn extra money online from your affiliate @ internet marketing efforts. Sound good to you? Let’s get started with your training.

Things You Need To Do To Get Your New Affiliate/Internet Marketing Business Up And Running?

1. The first thing your gonna need to do is think of a niche for your new website, or blog. Ask yourself these questions? What interests me? What floats my boat @ keeps me motivated? What am I passionate about? Could my passion turn into a profitable internet affiliate marketing business? If you answered yes to this last question I think it is safe to say you found yourself a niche to base your blog, or website around. If your passionate about something but know it will probably not earn you any money you may want to find a niche that can make you money. But make sure that niche somewhat interests you it will make it a lot easier to succeed if you actually enjoy what your doing.

2. Find a keyword rich domain based around your blog, or websites topic. For example if your blog, or website is based around learning affiliate / internet marketing. I am using this as an example for this blog post because that is what this blog generally relates around. Think the same way in regards to your blog, or websites general theme or topic. Buy a domain name related to your blog, or website, with the keywords you want to rank for in the search engines in the domain name. If your a wedding photographer and you want to rank for the keywords chicago wedding photography as an example. Buy the domain name Chicagoweddingphotography.com if its available you get the picture.

3. Start your own self hosted WordPress blog, or static website. If you want to be a blogger make sure you do it right and pay for your own domain name and hosting. I recommend Hostgator they have excellent customer service, and can help you set up your self hosted WordPress blog if you need it. Do not build an online business on quicksand by starting an affiliate or internet marketing business using a free hosted platform like blogger for example. Control your internet assets, and pay for your own hosting. Remember: You will be putting a lot of time, and effort into your online business. Make it count. Don’t risk putting all your hard work into someone else’s hands, which is essentially what you are doing going the free hosting route. Your gambling with your internet business which is never a good thing. Be safe, be rewarded, and keep your online money, and business secure. Total online investment: website hosting $9.99 month and a domain name is about $5 – $10 bucks with Godaddy. Tip: If you want to learn affiliate marketing properly and actually make money down the line please follow my tip to a tee.

4. Sign up for a few affiliate – internet marketing affiliate programs. This is the main way you will earn your money online. Find a few high converting offers that are related to your blog, or websites main topic or theme. Your next step would be too place banners in strategic spots where your visitors can see them for the affiliate programs you chose to market. Also place some text link ads or links in the content of your site. Text link ads have been proven to convert better and will earn you more money when placed properly in your blog, or websites content. If your a beginner and not familiar with affiliate marketing this is how it works. When a potential customer clicks on your banner, or text link, your affiliate id is embedded in the code so the affiliate program knows who to pay when a customer decides to buy that product. In a nutshell they buy you earn money pretty cut and dry.

The more affiliate sales you are able to generate the more cash you will make with your internet business. I would also recommend you sign up with a free Google adsense account. You will earn cash from all the clicks that are generated from your site. 2 income streams online is better than 1. The more income streams you have coming in to your business the better but take things slowly and build a solid foundation before you venture into starting up any more income streams. Try to monetize your blog with at least these 2 ways. Once your blog gets established down the road you can charge other internet marketers for advertising on your site if you choose to do so but that decision is up to you.

My Favorite Affiliate Programs Free To Sign Up. Find some Products, Or Services, Related To Your Blog, Or Website To Promote.

1. Commission Junctionhttp:www.cj.com/

2. Linksharehttp://www.linkshare.com

3. Clickbankhttp://www.clickbank.com

4. Share-A-Sale http://www.shareasale.com

5. Amazon http://www.amazon.com

6.Rapbank – http://www.rapbank.com

These tips should get you started on your way to a profitable online passive income stream. All you have to do next is drive traffic to your new money-making site. I hope you learned something with this internet marketing training post. If you found this blog post helpful make sure you share it with a friend.

To Your Online Success, Jay!

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