Learn Affiliate Marketing Lesson My Favorite Online Traffic Tips

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Learn Affiliate Marketing Lesson My Favorite Online Traffic Tips

Learn Affiliate Marketing Lesson My Favorite Online Traffic Tips

A list I will share with my blog readers where I get the majority of my free online traffic.

1. Hubpages.com $$$$$big money$$$$$ writing hubs my favorite affiliate money maker.
2. Ideamarketers.com nice little traffic
3. Ezinearticles.com decent traffic source
4. WarriorForum.com Excellent traffic source by posting in there online forum.
5. Social Bookmarking sites my best performer is Stumbleupon.com
6. Betternetworker.com excellent traffic source highly recommend you submit a few articles there affiliates!
7.Writing free press releases they rank very highly in the search engines.
8. Social networking websites my favorites Tagged, Myspace, and Myyearbook.
9. Comment on blogs related to your niche. I cant stress this enough especially for beginning affiliate marketers reading this out there. The two most powerful things you can do online are submit articles, and comment on blogs especially in the beginning. This will increase your Google page rank over time – then you can start ranking well for some very lucrative keywords for your blog, or website, when optimized correctly! 
10. Writing classifieds – My personal favorite is U.Sfreeads.com. I have a premium membership with them – it runs me $9.99 month but its well worth the little bit of money I spend. You can promote any affiliate program as long as its not adult content, Amazon, or gambling websites.  Other than that the skies the limit, and there classfieds are sweet looking to boot.

Feel free to add your favorite traffic sources and comments below, To Your Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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