Learn Affiliate Marketing Starting Out Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank Tips!

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Learn Affiliate Marketing Starting Out Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank Tips!

Learn Affiliate Marketing Starting Out Affiliate Marketing With Click-bank Tips

1. Your first step should be finding a great affiliate marketing company. I recommend clickbank to everyone for a couple of reasons! Reason number 1 their affiliate commissions are very very high which is a very good thing. Why are they high you might be asking yourself? Here is the answer to that question? They only promote informational products, products that can be downloaded instantly after payment is made from the vendor directly to you. Everyone is happy it don’t cost the vendor anything for giving the customer access to their product. So you being the affiliate can make some great commissions referring paying customers to that vendors products. Sometimes upwards of $100 depending on which products your choosing to market! They can afford to pay up to 75 percent commission for the simple fact that they wouldn’t of gotten the sale in the first place, if it wasn’t for you the savvy affiliate.

Clickbank has thousands of vendor’s with a ton of great products which you the affiliate, can make a ton of money with! They even tell you which products are selling the best by the gravity. Which basically tells you how many different affiliate’s, referred a paying customer to this vendor the higher the number the better. Clickbank has paid out over a Billion dollars in commissions to date, and growing each and every day which means money is definitely being made. I recommend anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing sign up for a free account with them today they come highly recommended from me and 1000’s of other profitable Affiliate Marketers!

2.Your 2nd step I would recommend after you sign up with Clickbank would be to find a couple of products to promote. look at the sales pages, would this be a product I would take out my wallet and purchase? If the answer to this question is yes. Then by all means start promoting it. Clickbank will give you your own personal nickname, that you will come up with when you sign up for free to become an affiliate! This is your personal link that you use that Clickbank can track so you get your much deserved Affiliate commissions. Play around with a couple of your favorite vendors see which ones are profitable and are making you the most sales. When you find the ones that are making your wallets or purses heavier lol run with it. Market the heck out of them! Make that money and rinse, wash, and repeat. Build on your affiliate marketing success and keep pumping out those articles, write more classifieds, post in forums, build a website it’s really not very hard at all to build a website. Build on your success!

3. Finding free places to promote your Affiliate Products- Your next step I would tell you is to make some classified ads, for whatever products you are promoting. My favorites are U.S Free Ads, Craigslist, and Kijiji that is the classifieds owned by Ebay. There are many more you can use, these are just my personal favorites in that order. Most will allow you to place your affiliate link in your classified ad or website link so you can refer a paying customer. And make that money tip: Use a good title on each ad- this is very important! Because when the search engines index your classified ad your goal should be to get to the first page of Google for whatever your title is.

4. Write informative Articles- Their are many great Article websites out their such as Ezinearticles, Searchwarp, Ideamarketers, and many more and it is free to post an article. The idea here is to write a review or an informative article on whatever your promoting. For example Ezinearticles requires a minimum of 250 words an article which is very easy to do! Some of them don’t even have a minimum word count. But the more popular ones do! Write something short, sweet, and to the point using the same principles as stated above, get your article to the top pages of the Search Engines! These articles will let you put your affiliate link in your Bio box at the end of the article. Ezinearticles is an exception to this rule you have to link to a classified you made previously a blog, or Squidoo lens. They don’t allow Affiliate links but the traffic is well worth it. So write away new affiliates. Tip: Hubpages, is my favorite article submission site they are one of the top 200 websites in the world so they have tons of targeted traffic. You can incorporate Google Adwords into all your hubs giving you another source of income. And my favorite part is there is no waiting to get your hubs approved, as long as there unique and written by you!

5. This is a cheap secret to get you off the ground and running! Have you ever heard of Bum Marketing? I first stumbled upon Bum Marketing a little while back, and let me tell you I am certainly glad I did! It teaches you how to grab first page listings on Google, Msn, and Yahoo. Basically all of the big search engines, but primarily Google. This system is taught by Travis Sago and really works great! I have a paid membership to U.S free ads which is only $9.99 month to post unlimited classifieds. You can add HTML, Affiliate links, Website links, your ads basically look like mini websites their pretty sharp! And what you do with the bum marketing system is research keywords that have to do with whatever your promoting.

I use Google Adwords for this. Use a Highly Searched keyword phrase, with little competition. When I say little competition I mean phrases that have 50,000 listings or less! Use that phrase in your title on your u.s free ads premium membership and you are almost guaranteed a first page listing for that phrase on Google each and every time. If your an affiliate you can probably smell the potential. I make quite a few sales doing this, so I figured I would share it with my viewers. If your interested in checking U.S free ads out I have placed a link for you here.

6. I have only scratched the surface, but these tips will get your Home Based Affiliate Marketing business off the ground. Below you will find some links to some programs. That will help you considerably in taking more necessary steps forward in your Affiliate-Internet Marketing dreams. My favorite online money making club just released!

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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