Learn Internet – Affiliate Marketing Training Live Phone Lessons

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Learn Internet – Affiliate Marketing Training Live Phone Lessons From Me

Alright I was brainstorming, and I came up with an idea that should help out a great deal of beginning Affiliate, or Internet marketers who want to start their own Home based business. But do not know what to do? Where to start? How to harness traffic from the Internet so you can start earning some money online. How to start a blog? A website? If your a new affiliate marketer what to look for in an affiliate program? What programs to promote? What affiliate programs to sign up for? How to setup Google Adwords Etc…

Whatever your needs may be I am gonna help you 1 on 1 live for up to a year. I will cover all aspects of Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, how to bring traffic to your new blog, or website? Whatever your needs may be I am gonna help you through it.

Here is how it is gonna work? I will be charging a one time fee of only $100 not $1000, not $10,000, but a measly $100 bucks – and you will be able to call me from 10 am -2 pm Monday – Friday. And 10 am – 8 Pm on the weekends. I am in the U.S. and it is Central standard time.

This is unheard of in the Internet marketing world. Me giving out my most valuable tips for only $100 Dollars. And you will be talking to a real live person yours truly. So you do not have to sift through countless E-Books, Forum posts, Countless hours of wasted time Etc…

How much is starting your own Home based business worth to you? A lot more than $100 bucks I bet. I have not seen another deal like this on the Internet, and for such a low price.

Why I am doing This?

I have been there struggling to bring traffic to my sites, not making any money online, because I did not know how a few years back. No – one to help me out but myself. I know the feeling it is hard.  Sleepless nights, frustration, wanting to give up. People telling you it is all a pipe dream the list goes on and on. I am truly wanting to help people earn a side income from home. That can potentially turn into a lucrative full time income one day, with the proper work ethic, know how, and determination. Which I am gonna help you with and guide you along the way. Do I know everything? No I do not pretend to? But I do make a nice income online, I know how to setup WordPress blogs, I know how to get traffic. My blog is a 400,ooo Alexa rating and moving down fast. I get between 250-400 unique visitors a day all from free traffic and it is still climbing as we speak. I know a lot about affiliate marketing, and Clickbank, I can show you how to set up links, banners, tracking codes, how to check your stats, article marketing etc… The list goes on and on.

If your serious about earning money from home I want you to contact me by email at affiliatelessons@jaysonlinereviews.com write down your name, and home phone number and I will contact you A.S.A.P. So you know I am a real person, and I know you are serious about working from home. After I contact you, and you decide you are serious, and you want my help. Your next step would be a $100 payment to my Paypal account at jayorban@gmail.com

After the payment is made you can call me with your questions, I will give you my suggestions on the steps I recommend you take right away. So you can start seeing results sooner rather than later. I can guarantee you will not find an Entrepreneur willing to do all this for so cheap. I really cant believe I am gonna do this, but I do want to help you struggling newbies out there, and it is a passion of mine so it is worth it to me at the end of the day. I never had this luxury, and it will speed up your learning curve tremendously. You will have my home phone number to call me whenever you need help during my business hours. How powerful is that? A trainer at your fingertips!

If your serious about getting your online affiliate marketing, or Internet marketing business of the ground. Shoot me an Email, and we will get started A.S.A.P.

It will be the best $100 dollars you ever spent. And you will receive my Internet – Affiliate marketing phone service for up to a year. Email me at affiliatelessons@jaysonlinereviews.com I will call you and speak with you and give you my home business number. You will probably already have it on caller I.D but if not, I will give you my home business number, and we will get started with your new Home based business immediately.

To Your Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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