Mobile Marketing: Is It The New PPC Campaign Alternative?

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Mobile Marketing: Is It The New PPC Campaign Alternative? adam horowitz

Mobile Marketing: Is It The New PPC Campaign Alternative?

Remember Google adwords in its infancy? If you don’t you probably have heard of it in some way or another through the grapevine. Those were the good old days when you could receive advertising for lucrative keywords like make money online, and literally pay pennies on the dollar for phrases that now cost about $5.00 bucks a click ouch!!!!!!

Those were the good old days of ppc campaigns where Internet marketers could make a fortune literally overnight without burning a hole in their pocketbooks at the same time. Because lets face it ppc is expensive. And if your not a ppc professional, you can lose a lot more money than you spend. Why? Stiffer competition throughout the years by marketers has made the most profitable keywords out of reach for the majority of online businesses. Only the huge companies, with the deep pocketbooks, can compete for these lucrative keywords anymore. Lets face it ppc is expensive! That is why a good SEO campaign can earn you a lot of money, and save you tons of money in marketing expenses.

But it is a long, tedious process, that can literally take you years to get the results you are after. So what is an affiliate to do? Enter mobile marketing the new ppc campaign. 5 Billion people on planet earth currently have a cell phone plan. 4 out 0f every 5 teenagers today carry a cell phone on their person on a daily basis. Text messaging, social networking, even Googling can all be done all from your wireless mobile platform or (cell phone)

Google purchased Ad mob a few months back for 750 million outbidding Apple for this new ppc mobile platform. Why? Google is in business to make money and a lot of it. They seen all the tell tale signs of a cash cow staring them in the face. So did Apple, and other fortune 500 companies. What does this tell us? Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. 5 Billion people with mobile phone subscriptions on them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At work, at the mall, heck I even have my cell phone with me in the bathroom. It is our life lines so to speak. Our connection to the World!

By 2016 the global mobile marketing advertising budget is expected to be valued at over $16 billion dollars. You heard me right $16 billion! So what does that mean for you as an affiliate marketer? You can get mobile advertising for pennies on the dollar literally! It is very cheap now that it is in its infancy. (Remember Adwords 10 years ago) And mobile platforms like Ad mob can make you the saavy Internet marketer a fortune. Without breaking your wallets.

And if your looking to build an Email list faster than the speed of light starting a mobile marketing campaign can be the fastest way in existence to do just that. And all for pennies…..

Adam Horowitz realized this a few years back and he jumped on board fast. For those of you who do not know who Adam Horowitz is let me tell you a quick bio of him. Adam is a 20 year old super affiliate that realized mobile marketing is in fact the next generation of ppc. Adam taught himself mobile marketing, and is pulling in thousands a day literally. He has built himself a huge mailing list (most of us can only dream about using mobile marketing) And he is gonna teach you how to do the same so you can cash in on the new generation of ppc marketing fast.

How? Adam just released a program called mobile monopoly where he teaches people how to earn money with cell phones. Here is a brief rundown of what is included in this course.

Mobile monopoly course contents:

Included in the course are:

1. 10 Mobile Monopoly Modules With Over 50 Step-By Step Videos
2. Optimized Squeeze Page Training
3. Mobile Monopoly Email Marketing Course
4. 47 Step By Step Proven Mobile Monopoly Campaigns
5. 40 Additional Profitable Mobile Monopoly Campaigns
6. Full Mobile Monopoly Outsourcing Course
7. BeastMobi: The Complete Mobile Marketing Software
8. Full Membership To Mobile Monopoly

Adam is also offering a membership site to his program where it is constantly updated with changes in the mobile marketing field. And his course offers live support which is a very cool bonus!

I just recently picked this course up and I am slowly going through it because I want to seriously get involved with mobile marketing because I see so much potential. (So does Google@Apple too) You know whatever these technology giants are doing is gonna be huge. They have to stay ahead of the game to keep their dominance. So they know the newest craze is mobile marketing and Google shelled out $750 million to prove it. I talked about Googles purchase of Ad mobs earlier in this blog post.

Anyways the mobile marketing course is selling for $77 dollars which is very reasonable for this training package. I would definitely recommend Adam Horowitz training course, because of the sheer importance of this new advertising model. Cell phone marketing is gonna be huge to say the least.

If you are serious about earning more money from home. Then I would highly suggest letting Adam teach you how to get started as a profitable mobile marketer. Get in on the ground floor of this exciting industry that is gonna have Adwords marketers flocking over by the millions. It is vital you learn this program now, because competition is low in mobile marketing. (It is a new thing). As competition increases so will the costs keep that in mind!

Forget expensive ppc – Learn how to generate money by tapping in to the multi-billion dollar cell phone industry.

Want to learn more about Adam Horowitz and what he is doing behind the scenes at mobile marketing? Check out this video by clicking here.

As always to your online success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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