How To Monetize Your Blog To Make More Money?

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How To Monetize Your Blog To Make More Money? earn more money bloggingHow To Monetize Your Blog To Make More Money?

So you have a blog up and running. You have hopefully picked a profitable niche, signed up with a self hosting WordPress blog (If you haven’t There is still time Lol) Added some helpful blog posts, and you have tons of fresh, unique content. Now what? Now you are probably asking the question. How do I monetize my blog to make more money? I do not want all this hard work to go to waste. Have no fear super blogger is here…. I hope you got a kick out of that I just had to say it. It was eating me up inside lol. But on a serious note, all kidding aside. Here are a few ways I monetize this blog, too earn the most money I possibly can from all my hard work. Keep reading!

Blog Monetization Tip 1: This is the most important aspect of any profitable blogger. What is it? Traffic. You are gonna need as much as you can to monetize your blog to the fullest. Traffic is the life blood of our (I am referring to our as Bloggers) Online business. If your blog has a lot of traffic it is almost impossible not to make a lot of money blogging. If your blog is lacking in the traffic department and you are not working hard to bring it back it back to life. Your blog will sink faster than the Titanic (no offense intended) Work on bringing a decent amount of targeted visitors to your blog first, and foremost. There are tons of free ways to bring traffic to your blog. Which I cover quite a bit on this blog through previous blog posts. just do a quick search if you are looking for various traffic techniques . Remember traffic equals money and money equals targeted traffic to your blog.

Blog Monetization Tip 2: Monetize your blog with Google adsense. Adsense is free to join and is a nice additional income stream for any blogger. The more traffic you bring to your blog the more money you can make through adsense. (QUICK NOTE) Adsense is a nice addition to my monetization strategies. It is not my main income source through my blog. Unless your blog is super high traffic like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, ETC… You probably will not make enough money off adsense to make a full time income. But you can make a decent amount to fall back on when your other income streams are slowing down a little. Adsense is a nice addition but never put all your eggs in one basket.

Blog Monetization Tip 3: Affiliate programs. You can really cash in off of affiliate programs if you implement them into your blog in the form of banners, text links, etc…. Pick some affiliate products with a high payout that are related to whatever your blog is about. Tip: Pick some affiliate products that are actually helpful, and worth your customers hard earned money. Remember: Your reputation is at stake so try to promote affiliate products that you can be proud of. And if possible try them out for yourself to confirm the quality. Here are a few quality affiliate programs. 1. Clickbank 2. Linkshare 3. Amazon 4. Pepperjam network 5. Rapbank 6. Commission Junction just too name a few.

Blog Monetization Tip 4: Pick high traffic topics that you can rank for in the titles, and content of your blog posts. This may mean a little keyword research on your part using the Google adwords keyword research tool but it is well worth the effort. Remember when I said traffic equals money? Why not write about subjects that people are actively searching for? Seems like a no-brainer to me! Work smarter, not harder, do your keyword research.

Blog Monetization Tip 5: This is your most important monetization strategy along with targeted traffic. The money is in the email list, so make sure you start one to make the most out of your blog. Most blog visitors will leave your blog to and probably never return again. Who wants that? Definitely not us bloggers. We need traffic and lots of it. Why not capture some of your blog visitors by setting up your own email capture form? I recommend Aweber they are the best online by far. If your interested in starting up your own email list for a $1.00 which you definitely should be. Here is a link to Aweber check them out – it is a great investment trust me! Give away some quality freebies related to your blogs topic to capture their email address.

Here is a breakdown  in order of importance in my opinion from 1-4 for my blogs monetization strategy. ( Apply all these strategies to make the most money from your blog)

1. Traffic the more the merrier. Without traffic your blog will wither away and die. Always concentrate on generating targeted traffic  to your blog.

2. Email list – The money is in the list I will leave it at that and let you figure that out for yourself. Start building an email list a.s.a.p.

3. Affiliate programs – A must for every successful blogger. Affiliate programs should be your number 1 money maker when implemented correctly.

4. Google Adsense – The more traffic you bring to your blog the more money you will make from adsense. Adsense pays per click based on what ad that person clicks on and what that particular advertiser pays etc… They will not tell you the exact amount, but I have made up to $3.00 for 1 click. So some clicks can be very lucrative.

I hope you enjoyed my blog monetization strategies. Do not forget to share this blog post with your friends if you found it helpful.

To Your Online Success Affiliates, Jay!

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