My Newest Internet Marketing Strategies For 2011 What I Am Doing?

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With Googles new algorithm changes article marketing has basically died in my book. The only article directory I am gonna submit too in the near future is Ehow is a how to article directory that I have used in the past sparingly. The reason I like Ehow is the articles you submit are not too time consuming. You write a how to tutorial on a subject and you explain how to do it in at least 4 steps minimum. If you want to make your article longer you can, but that is up to you. They are quick, rank very highly in the search engines, and they will also split the revenue you make from your articles from Google adsense. You can also add affiliate links, links to your website, etc….

Ehow is the only article directory that is slightly worth my time nowadays, in terms of value for your time. I still prefer posting all my unique content to my blog and waiting for it to get indexed before I share my content elsewhere.  I always share my blog posts Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google bookmarks, Yahoo bookmarks, and I also Stumble every blog post.  I will then share it on my Warriorforum blog, as well as a few other internet marketing – make money online related forums. My content is also picked up automatically by various other blogging sites ( bloggers base for example ) by my rss feed which gives me a slight boost in traffic as well.

Here are all my newest traffic strategies for 2011 – Well not new internet marketing strategies – but these all work great for me.

1. Article marketing in my book is dead. I will only submit to in the future and I will use them sparingly. Most of my internet – affiliate marketing startegies for 2011 will be providing my readers with great unique content. You never know what is gonna happen with your content with an article directory nowadays they could delete it etc… I like to have the ball in my court and always post it on my blog first before posting it anywhere else.

2. Internet Marketing Forums – I am a regular in the Warriorforum stop in and say hi. I am entrepreneurjay in the Warriorforum. The Warriorforum is a great site with tons of traffic where you can learn all about internet marketing – affiliate marketing – and how to make money online? There is a lot of bright minds in the Warriorforum. I also like to visit my other favorite internet marketing forum this forum is run by internet marketer Paul Lynch and it gets a lot of good traffic. Signing up for both these internet marketing forums would be a great internet marketing strategy for you in 2011 and beyond.

3. Blog Commenting – I comment on various blogs related to my niche which is make money online, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, blog traffic tips, etc…. A good tip for you would be to sign up for Google alerts and let the blogs come to you. Google will send you an email when a blog post is made for the keywords related to your blog, or websites niche. All you do is go to these blogs and make a good, relevant comment and include a link to your website, or blog. High traffic blogs will bring you the best results. You also get a nice backlink to boot by blog commenting. This continues to be one of my favorite internet marketing strategies that worked in the past, will work now, and will work in the future.

4. Submitting Tutorial Videos – Video marketing sites such as Youtube. I will submit how to video tutorial related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, how to make money online for beginners? My favorite traffic strategies etc.. etc… These are all helpful videos that have value for the person watching them. Video marketing is my new article marketing. Video marketing is getting even bigger if that is even possible. And videos can go viral the same way articles can.  (Fun Youtube Fact ) Youtube gets more traffic than Yahoo, and Bing combined. Millions of people are looking for videos daily. Want to make more money online? Get you videos in front of these millions of viewers for some nice, free, targeted traffic.I am getting more involved with video marketing these days due to its huge potential for the reasons I stated above.

5. Press Releases – The only press release site I use in my internet marketing strategy is they are free, rank very highly in the search engines, and I have seen some pretty good success using this website. The other press release sites out there I cannot vouch for because I am not real big into press releases but seems to work well for me.

6. Search Engine Optimization – This is becoming even more important in my book for 2011. When Google changed their algorithm recently a lot of spam sites fell from the top of the search engine rankings. This was great for me because I bust my ass on this blog and only provide unique, quality content. Google rewarded my blog by giving me an increase in traffic from the search engines. I am optimizing my content for the search engines continuously, adding more good backlinks to my blog, and adding even more good content for you my readers. My readers are internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and those of you looking to start your own internet business looking for some good free information.If your just starting your own blog only add your own unique content – Do not copy and paste someone else’s content.  Google will hammer you for that in the search engine rankings.  Seo will continue to be a vital part of this blogs success in 2011 and beyond.  Seo is targeted traffic from the search engines. It is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money online when done right!

7. J.V Partnerships – I am always building up my email list because the money is in the list. Ask any internet marketer who has been around the block a time or two. I use a site called safeswaps where I team up with other affiliate marketers, and internet marketers, we both send a message out to our lists for each other a freebie our subscribers might enjoy. My adswap partner gets free email opt-ins to his list and I get free email opt-ins for my list. It is a win, win, situation for both parties involved. You can make a lot of money buying solo ads, and doing adswaps with other internet marketers. This has been and will continue to be one of my top internet marketing strategies for 2011 and well beyond. I also build my list through seo, and existing traffic to my blog.

8. Paid ads – I will periodically buy paid classified ads on the Warriorforum,, or pay $40 to post a warrior special offer. I will also buy text link ads on a few blogs with high traffic levels directing them back to my blog. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to make money. Internet marketing is an online business if you treat your internet marketing, or affiliate marketing ventures like a hobby you will make hobby money. ( not much lol ) If you treat your internet business like a business, you can make big money one day. Just be persistent, be willing to work, and learn all you can when you can! Remember the story of the race between the rabbit and the turtle? The slow persistent turtle won that race. Keep that mindset with your online business ventures and you will succeed and make a lot of money eventually.

9. Classified Ads- I only submit to the top classified directories online such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Usfreeads, Backpage, as well as a few others. They work just good enough for me to keep submitting my classifieds to these sites. Not my best internet marketing strategy but they still do produce decent results.

10. Giving away my free ebooks Ebooks can go viral in the same way as articles, and submitting videos. If your ebook offers some value to the person that is reading it. He, or she will tell a friend, give it away on their email list with a link back to your site, which will build your email subscriber list etc… etc…. I also submit my ebooks to sites such as a free site where you can submit your free ebooks to give away to people. This is a great way for your ebooks to get a lot of eyeballs on them and bring your blog, or website a lot of free traffic, and earn you a lot of money. Submitting my E-Books is a great internet marketing strategy that worked in the past, present, and will continue to generate me traffic well into the future.

11. Social Networking – Twitter, Myspace, Tagged, Hi5, Orkut, Myyearbook,  my Facebook fanpage.  I am getting more and more into my Facebook fanpage these days because of the sheer amount of people on Facebook. Social networking works great I use social networking pretty much daily in one way or the other.

There you have it.  These are my top 11 traffic strategies for 2011 that I use on a daily basis. What are your top traffic strategies for 2011? Your comments are welcome below!

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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